River Wissey Lovell Fuller

It's all a problem

August 2003

Things seem to get on top of Les!


So lets assume you have considered asking the delectable Miss Jones out to dinner, at your expense of course. You approach the dear Lady and she has a number of options. She could respond, 'Thank you how kind', or she could say, 'I'll think about it' and then of course the worse scenario of all the dreaded 'Get Lost'. How much easier it is for our romantic hero to play safe forget the whole thing and put it in the pending tray?

We men have enough problems as it is. The last thing we want are rejection slips. In any case, in this age of equality, why should it be left to the male specie to do the approach work, with all the frustration that involves? Why can't the delectable Miss Jones do the asking for a change? How refreshing it would be if you were walking down our village high street when suddenly out of the blue the dear lady sprung out at you and announced, 'Care to take me out tonight? I'll pay!'

Now that's more like it we; are beginning to live in a world that appeals to me. What I often wonder is why is it that we seem so reluctant to ask anyone for anything? What's the big problem? To find the answer I believe we have to go back to our childhood. I take the view that some of us may well have been ten years of age before we ever heard of the word 'Yes'. It was always Mother saying, No! Keep away from the fire or you will burn your fingers. No keep away from that hot stove. It was No don't do this and No don't do that.

We have heard of people with a limited vocabulary but our Mothers, when we were small seem to dwell on only one word, No. It's little wonder then that when we left our childhood behind and went out into the real world we were reluctant to do anything. When we wake up in the morning all we see on the bedroom ceiling is that word No. It's a wonder we bother to get up. I believe we should adopt a more positive attitude and put the Yes word at the front of our minds. My advice to any lull blooded male is throw caution to the wind take your courage in both hands convince yourself that the said delectable Miss Jones will forget her childhood days and respond, 'Yes please and thank you for asking'.

There's only one problem. What happens when your Wife finds out you are taking 'you know who' out to dinner. Her who must be obeyed will want to come as well. On reflection forget the whole darn thing, take yourself off to Church or Chapel on a Sunday that will cheer you up, or maybe No it won't. You've got to admit it fellows, us men just can't win.

Les Lawrence

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