River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Abstract look at film titles created by FISH

August 2003

Some Fishy Film Titles for Pump readers to challenge

"If fish made films..."

Think how film titles would change....

From Dusk till Prawn

What Breams May Come

Ocean's Eeleven

Skate Expectations

For a Few Dollars Moray

Koi Story

The Huss Whisperer

Wind in the Minnows

Shellies Heroes

The Clambusters

The Black Squidow

Withwhale and I

2001 Plaice Odyssey

Fear and Loathing in Bass Vegas

the 51st Skate

Billy Halibut

The World According to Carp

Independence Ray

Prawn to be Wild

Some Pike It Hot, starring Martin Monroe

Dead Man Whelking

Tea with the Musselini

A Streetcarp Named Desire

Gosfork Shark

The Raw Shark Redemption

Flounder the Baskevilles

Salmon of All Fears

Minnowrity Report

The Prawn Identity

The Scarlet Shrimpernel


Groan, groan

{come on, this could outlive wacky book titles! Ed}

Ray Thompson

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