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A Secret garden

August 2003

I know a place wher you can find peace and tranquility....


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I know a place.... I call it the Secret Garden.

I know a place, not many miles from King's Lynn, that is one of those havens of tranquility that you can only dream about. I call it the Secret Garden. About two years ago I met Daphne Llewellyn, who resides in a beautiful country cottage and peaceful garden, called Orchard House, near to Downham Market. She explained that her garden and home is open to Carers and others. It is a haven where you can relax, reflect and recover from the stresses of everyday life. I fell in love with the place and so I am sharing the secret with you.

Last year we were able to offer two Relaxation days and a Carers Picnic at Daphne's home. So popular were the activities that we offered them again this year. As I expected places for the Relaxation days were soon snapped up. Orchard House is a peaceful place for Carers seeking a few moments of respite in their busy lives.

This article tells of the house and gardens. It explains about The Hermitage, a private room located in the garden for visitors wishing to stay for a day or more. You might like to visit the Quiet Garden - you may like to stay there for a few days. If you do contact Daphne Llewellyn -details appear later in this article. As Daphne explained, "When I was going through a personal crisis a some years ago I longed to be able to retreat to a place where I could be totally alone if I wished but where there would be someone who would support - even cosset me - if I needed it. I found it in this beautiful 300-year-old cottage enveloped in its kindly garden. My supporters were blackbirds, collared doves and finches, with frogs providing a backing chorus as they spawned in the wild pond."

The Hermitage at Orchard House, Quiet Garden.

Located in the Quiet Garden is the Hermitage, a small barn converted to an en-suite room with kitchen area, having a sink unit, f ridge, small cooker and a microwave. It is furnished to provide comfort with simplicity and is well insulated and warm at all times of the year. It has an air of gentle calm that is enhanced by looking out onto the garden on three sides. Symbolically a small stone bridge reaches it over a channel of water so that there is a feeling of going to a "place apart". You can stay in the Hermitage. Self-catering makes it possible for you to stay apart for a while though, if you wish, you may seek company in the main cottage. If you choose to be pampered you may have your meals provided, either in the cottage or brought to you on a tray. To encourage a peaceful life no television is provided though there is a radio with tape deck and a small library of books and tapes.

Daphne will cater for those who do not wish to cook for themselves and is happy to work within the confines of special diets. Meals may be eaten in the Hermitage or in the house. Daphne is a qualified transpersonal counsellor (counselling embracing the spiritual dimension) and has 2nd degree Reiki, so counselling and Reiki are available at a sessional rate.

The Quiet Garden

You will be tempted to wander through the garden and seek out its nooks, each with its own seat. There is even a tree house to nestle in and take a bird's eye view of the garden. This venue is suitable for those wishing to retreat from the stresses and strains of modern living for a period of restoration.

It is ideally suited for anyone needing a peaceful space to follow a creative pursuit such as writing or painting. Daphne Llewellyn, the Hermitage's warden and cook, will assure you a warm welcome. There are two resident animals - a dog and a cat called Oliver and Rupert. The House is affiliated to the Quiet Garden Trust. Over 250 gardens nationwide offer a place where you may relax and mentally refresh yourself amongst flowers, trees, shrubs and wildlife.

One Step Beyond

Beyond the garden are walks under vast Norfolk skies - an inspiration in themselves. Step outside the gate where vast skies and open fields beckon, where poplar's whisper even in the gentlest of breezes. A leisurely walk of 15 minutes through the village passing one of the oldest churches in N. W. Norfolk brings you to the "river"- a cut with steep, partly wooded banks. It is a place where time stands still as swans swim and waterfowl accompany you on your walk.

Further details from:

Daphne Llewellyn Orchard House, Wretton, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE33 9QS

Telephone 01366 500223

You may feet that you can't afford to stay there but, as always, help is at hand. Talk to Daphne and also contact the Hunstanton Convalescent Trust, a small trust, that helps pay for recuperative holidays for those in need, including Carers.

The Hunstanton Convalescent Trust

Helps to pay for recuperative holidays for those in need, including carers. It is used to help people on a low income, who are physically or mentally unwell and in need of a convalescent or recuperative holiday. It can also be used to help their carers.

It can sometimes be used to provide other items, services or facilities that are calculated to alleviate the suffering, or help the recovery of such people. Preference is given to people who live in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. Grant Application forms can be obtained from the Secretary of the Trust: Mrs. J. J. Littler, Windfall House, 60, Holt Road, North Elmham, Dereham, NR2O 5JQ. Telephone 01362 668143)

Think about a visit for port of a day, a whole day or longer stay.

Talk to Daphne. Our secret garden could be just the right medicine for you.

David Hall, Carers Co-ordinator, West Norfolk Carers Project. June 2003

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