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A heartfelt repsonse to MA White

August 2003

What world does MA White live in?

Dear Ray

I feel that I must write to the Pump in reply to the letter from the mysterious MA White, which I regard as a personal attack on myself. I say mysterious since I have written two letters to MA White of the High Street Stoke Ferry ( in reply to his/her letter to the Lynn News), both letters being returned marked NO SUCH PERSON KNOWN.

I can only assume that the Lynn News printed the wrong address?

I note in his letter that he accuses 'the committee' whatever that means, of being intent on criticizing Grampian Foods at every opportunity and turning our back on the local facilities. I for one use the shops, a pub and the post office at every opportunity. As for criticizing Grampian, yes I will criticize poor practices, pollution, poorly sheeted lorries and those driving without care for other road users and pedestrians. I believe that I have the support of the majority in these actions.

I would agree with him that in times gone bye Favor Parker contributed greatly to the village, but times change as do numbers of people employed in agriculture. I am afraid I cannot agree that in 2003 the factory is a great contributor to the prosperity of the village or that the school, shops and post office only exist because of the Mill. I suggest that we all do a mini survey and ask the establishments themselves how dependent they are upon the Mill. I for one have already done so.

MA White also appears to have totally misunderstood the purpose and working of the Favor Parker Liaison Committee which is to raise and discuss village concerns, environmental issues and actions and aims of Grampian Foods that may affect the village.

The committee is the villages voice not the preserve of the committee members.

To this end I merely reported on conversations with a number of villagers and on a conversation with the local doctors; it is a well known fact that dust from a mill is likely to aggravate respiratory problems.

I would also like to thank M A White for his advice to my daughter in respect of obtaining Anti allergy tablets. Sound advice, but since she is a doctor herself I guess she may have thought of this already when she diagnosed the problem?

If only MA White would stop being hard to trace I would welcome the opportunity to discuss our differences in a more civilized way perhaps whist providing some income to the local pub. However as long as he/she prefers to remain untraceable and thus unaccountable I assume that those who are trying to ensure that Stoke Ferry becomes an even nicer place to live will continue to be targets of personal attacks. Come on MA White move out of the shadows and discuss our village in an adult and sensible way.

Brian Harrison

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