River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Saint or Sinner?

July 2003

A princely question

When John was on "ham" radio we belonged to an organisation called R.A.Y.N.E.T. The purpose of this group is to provide radio back up for the emergency services at functions such as The Norfolk Show, motor cross and track and field events.

One such event was the Carriage Driving Trials at Sandringham. During his lunch break John found a convenient fence to sit on. A few minutes later two men strolled up and leaned on the fence. John looked up and saw it was Prince Philip and his co-driver (Philip just happens to be patron of the Radio Society of Great Britain). So, with mouth in overdrive and brain in neutral ,John said, "Ah yes you are the patron saint of the RSGB", to which came the reply, "Young man, patron I may be, saint I certainly am not."

Ann Zissler

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