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Runnin' On

July 2003

Radio memories

I listen to Radio 4 whenever I can, television is alright, but if I had to choose only one of the two, it would be Radio 4. Television needs undivided attention most of the time but my radio goes where I go. There are limits of course, but when I'm at home my radio is keeping me informed, entertained and to a certain extent I am finding out about a lot of things that I find very interesting.

For instance, I have been reminded how funny Jimmy Clitheroe was; recently I heard an excerpt from one of his programmes, he was so bright and cheeky. I know I would never have got away with answering my parents and neighbours like Jimmy used to do. I couldn't quite understand why my Mum and Dad laughed at Jimmy but I used to get sent to bed if I tried a bit of light cheeky banter with them.

Do you remember "Just William"? I used to get his books from the village library. Initially Mum used to read the books to my brother and me, then, she decided that they seemed to be giving us too many ideas; from then on I was sent to get more suitable books!

Dad would tell me to get him a detective book and Mum wanted novels, l used to ask the library lady for some help with those. I also had a look for "Just William" adventures and I would sit and read them as long as I could.

I must have caught the eye of the librarian because she came over to me one day and told me I could have a book out for myself if I liked reading so much. You can imagine how pleased I was, there was a very smug feeling that I was officially allowed to have a library book. Being a practical child I didn't burden my parents with the news.

For anyone who has ever read a Just William book, I reckon I was a bit of a Violet Elizabeth Bott, with one exception, Violet Elizabeth had very wealthy parents who indulged her every whim. If she couldn't get other people to spoil her she used trot out her ultimatum, "I shall thcream and thcream until I'm thick", she had a very pronounced lisp as she spoke. I had to find more subtle ways to get what I wanted and really preferred the games boys played!

I'm sure that Just William and his friend Ginger used to be on the radio, probably on Children's' Hour, I'd love to hear from anyone who used to listen to the stories about the adventures of William and his gang.

Janet Tilburn

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