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Wereham Parish Meeting

June 2003

Minutes of the meeting held on 14th May 2003

Minutes of the Wereham Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 14th May 2002 in the Village Hall at 7p.m.

1. Present: G. Gott - Chairman, Mrs. Willis, G. Clere, D. Pickston, P. Markwell, Mrs. Koopowitz, T. Manley - Borough Councillor together with six members of the public.

2. Apologies: H. Smith

3. Minutes: It was proposed by G. Clere and seconded by Mrs. Willis that the minutes of the meeting held on 8th May 2001 be signed as a correct record.

4. Village Hall Report.

Mr. Eastgate presented the accounts and balance sheet and confirmed that the Village Hall Committee had made a profit of about £800.00 during the year. The big concern for the forthcoming year will be the legal requirements for the updating for disabled usage - i.e. toilets, electrical switches etc:

5. Matters Raised by the Public:

There was a request for 'No Fouling' signs to be erected on the Playing Field and also the clerk was instructed to obtain two 'All dogs must be kept on a lead' signs. It was reported that there are still numerous 4 - 5lbs Carp in the pond and the clerk was instructed to contact the Environment Agency to try and get them moved' to other waters which are controlled. A discussion ensued regarding which safety surface should be laid at the new play equipment area - this matter was left to be discussed at a later date when it is known exactly what grants are available. A group of teenagers requested a 'Volcano' for skate boarding and a tarmac area with a tarmac runway for cycles. The Youth are to try and form a committee for fund raising and Mrs. Koopowitz volunteered to help them - the clerk was instructed to check the Insurance implications for this item.

The meeting closed at 7.40p.m.

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