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Stoke Ferry Parish Council

June 2003

Minutes of a meeting held on Wednesday 26th March 2003

1. Those attending: Mr M Mycock (Vice-Chairman), Mr L. Bonnett, Mr R Ward, Mrs M Leaman, Mr M Mann, Mr C Stocking, Mrs V Negus, (Clerk) 7 members of the public

2. Apologies for absence were received from Mrs P Lewis, Mr T Manley and Mr A White

3. Minutes of the last meeting

Mr Ward's name had been omitted from the minutes. This was rectified and Mrs Leaman proposed that the minutes of the last meeting be adopted. Seconded by Mr Stocking.

4. Matters Arising

a) No response had been received from Planning Control regarding planning matters on Great Mans Way and Favor Parker wall. Clerk to follow up.

b) Kerbs at Buckenham Drive - offer from Highways Department to lower some of the kerbing at crossing points. To be discussed further at next meeting.

c) Alternative insurance - not viable.

d) Fallen wall in Furlong Road - Clerk to contact Highways Department.

5. Planning

New applications recommended for approval by Parish Council:

* Conservatory extension 7, Oxborough Road

* Continued sitting of mobile classroom Community Centre

* Extension to Post Office Furlong Road

Applications approved by the Borough Council:

* Land to the rear of the Apiary demolition of garage

* Wynbury, Bridge Road

* Studfarm Barn, Wretton Road

* Hope Cottage, Oxborough Road

* High Ash, Little Lane dwelling and garage. This application had been recommended for refusal by the Parish Council and they expressed great concern that this application had been approved.

Application refused by Borough Council:

* Land to the rear of the Apiary erection of dwelling.

6. Payment of Bills

The following accounts were put forward for payment:

* Audit fee for year ended March 2002 - £58.75

* Country Grounds Maintenance - cost of hedging for new cemetery land £603.36

* Administration expenses for the quarter to end of February £38.75

* Mr Mann proposed the accounts be paid. Seconded by Mr Bonnett.

7. Correspondence

Letters from the Norfolk County Council and Boundary Committee regarding Electoral Review

* Invitation to the NCC Transport Plan forum

* 4 requests for additional inscriptions to memorials - approved

* Safer West Norfolk Steering Group - invitation to training session

* Details of Inter Village Games - Copy had been passed to Chris Hollier

* Questionnaire from the Borough Council regarding Emergency Planning - Mr Mann to complete

8. Other Business

Members of the Council:

* Mr Stocking reported that the road surface was poor in Great Mans Way. The clerk thought that this was already in hand with the Highways Department.

* Mr Ward felt that an additional footpath sign is needed for the footpath from Oxborough Road to the bottom of Furlong Drove. Clerk to contact Rights of Way Officer.

* An abandoned car was reported near the cemetery. Mr Mycock said this had already been reported. Borough Council to be informed of a second abandoned car outside the Post Office.

* Mr Mann asked if the date of future meetings could be published in The Pump. This was agreed.

* Mr Mycock asked if a volunteer could be found to mend the parish notice board. Mr Mann will try to get this repaired.

Members of the Public:

* A request was made for central white lines from the church to the school in Wretton Road. Clerk to contact Highways Department.

* A member of the public asked for a meeting with the Borough Councillor for Stoke Ferry to discuss the increase in rates. Mr Mycock pointed out that Mr Manley did normally attend the Parish Council meetings but had been unable to on this occasion.

* A complaint was made regarding cars parked on the pavement between the old bridge and the new bridge when owners are fishing. Mr Mycock will organise notification to anglers.

* Following a discussion of the footpath at Great Mans Way, Mr Mycock will contact the footpaths officer to establish if it can be used by horse riders.

* Mr Sewell asked if the Parish Council could assist with pressing Bennett Homes to provide the staggered gate they agreed to install at the access to the playing field.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30pm

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