War Memorial Gary Trouton

Our Village

June 2003

A poem singing its praises!

This Village of ours is not pretty,We don't have a duck pond or green.But there's something about it that makes you,Glad to come back from wherever you've been.

It is home to some very nice people,And our fair share of problems to boot.We have vandals and people who grumble,And some who just don't give a hoot.

A magazine that prints some of our letters,And articles, adverts and news,Of what's going on in the villageAnd people just airing their views.

There are shops and a school for our children,Some places for people to work.Clubs for the old and the youngsters,And pubs, which some say is a perk.

There is a chapel for people to worship,Nice houses, some big and some small.I'm glad I decided to live here,That's our village, Stoke Ferry -"warts and all".

M.A. White

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