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On The Buses

June 2003

Les' favourite mode of transport

I'm sure I have mentioned this before but even so I make no apology for returning to the same subject. I frequently travel to King's Lynn; always on a Thursday, never on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. I don't even go on a Tuesday when it's market day; it has to be Thursday. I think we are creatures of habit.

My mode of transport is by Bus. I just can't remember the last time I drove my car there; in fact the very thought of travelling to Lynn by car appalls me. Just about every car you come across has got only the driver in it. When did you last see a car with four people in it? And when you do go by car who do you talk to? Yourself if you are on your own. You had better watch it! Or maybe you could take your Wife. Well let's face it, you can talk to Her anytime.

Now contrast all of that with my way of travel. A brisk walk to the bus stop, which is so refreshing in the early morning and a friendly 'Morning' to whoever I come across. Then it's hop on the bus time and the same 'Morning' to every passenger, young and old a like. You see, it doesn't cost a penny to be friendly. And what are you up to in your car? Well, you have just put your seat belt on and so far you haven't spoken to a soul, well apart from having had a row with your Wife. Now its time to go and what can be more boring than driving a car? You tell me. So eventually I arrive at the bus station, no hassle, I'm not driving and my fare is half price as I'm an AOP. What more do you want?

A couple of bits of shopping; no I don't carry them around with me, I leave them at the shop and collect them on the way back to the bus. Five or ten minutes admiring the scenery, I always did find the Ladies at King's Lynn rather appealing, then off to my favourite pub. Well it's the Globe Hotel really. And what's so special about that place? Well, beer at £1.39 a pint, for a start! Beat that if you can. And drink drive, no problem. The car is back home in the garage where it should be. So I have my pint of beer and a packet of crisps; yes I dine out in style when I want to. A copy of the EDP, and all is well with the world.

What I like most of all are the people who get in this place. It isn't full of teenagers, or pensioners, but a cross section of all age groups. Yes I'm sitting on my own and for an hour or so I'm happy to do that. I glance up from my paper and see a group of people of my age walk by. Five or ten minutes later, yes you've guessed it, the delectable Miss Jones goes by and an appealing thought crosses my mind. If only it was yesterday. But then I've had my yesterday such a long time ago. So reluctantly it's time to leave, pick up my shopping and back to the bus. It's been an enjoyable three hours or so, just going to King's Lynn, but it isn't just the place or the people, it's you. And if you are looking for contentment you don't have to travel half way round the world to find it.

Les Lawrence

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