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Letters to the Editor

June 2003

Recycling, redundancy, harassment and crosswired crosswords

Dear Ray

I received a letter today to say that the Borough Council has recently acquired funding that has made it possible to provide an extra green recycling box free of charge to households who request one, on a first come first served basis.

Requests for an additional green box can be made by leaving name, address and postcode on voicemail 01553 616777 or e-mail details to greenbox@west-norfolk.gov.uk

Valery Negus

Clerk to the Stoke Ferry Parish Council

Dear Ray,

Ron Watts wrote a little while ago about the injustice of the "fat cats" in business paying themselves huge bonuses even when their company has failed. This has again been highlighted by the situation at CORUS where the workforce that are being laid off will only receive £18,000 as opposed to the many hundreds of thousands of pounds that the directors have gifted themselves. Industrial relations have been pretty good in the last twenty years but I fear that such inequalities are going to stir up much resentment and create an ever-widening gulf between the two parties.

What I fail to understand is why the shareholders don't speak up. May be they could not care less as long as they receive their dividends. In the bigger picture, though, these could shrink if this problem is not addressed quickly.

Graham Forster

Dear Ray,

How does one cope with harassment? I am still being harassed. I mentioned this to my neighbour and she advised me to complain to the Housing Association. But what good would that do? I keep complaining to my doctor, but he doesn't offer me any practical help; nor does the hospital.

It just seems that we have to make our own decisions in life. Other people can give a helping hand sometimes, but mostly we have to solve our problems ourselves. So I'll just have to work it out myself I suppose and enjoy the new friendships I have made since moving to Downham.

Your friend as always,


Dear Ray,

It has come to my notice that certain "ladies" in a local doctor's surgery have identified a trend of very suggestive clues in my April Crossword. They must be desperate to be excited as nothing had ever crossed my mind.

However, if they want a risque crossword puzzle, I am quite happy to compile one, to be supplied in a plain buff envelope at a small cost. Crataegus is not above accepting payment in kind in appropriate cases.

Carry on solving,


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