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June 2003

Pump's gone political?

Hello again,

Our last edition seemed to strike a chord with many of our readers, particularly in the views expressed on the war with Iraq. Perhaps we should address more political issues? So here goes. If you disagree write to me; if you agree take action as recommended.

Behind the dual smoke screens of whether or not Saddam Hussain had Weapons of Mass Destruction and whether or not the Chancellor's five economic tests have been met to enable us to join the euro, lies a much more sinister plot! Our charismatic leader, without any reference to parliamentary debate or the suggestion that we the great un-washed British public should be consulted, is about to sign up to a new European Constitution crafted by no lesser personage than his pal Valery Giscard d'Estaing, the former French President.

This new European constitution, if approved, effectively tears up all previous EU treaties - Rome, Maastricht, Amsterdam and Nice - and brings a totally new body into being. If the Constitution, as currently drafted, is adopted the EU will no longer be an association of states. Instead, it will become a completely new legal entity with overriding powers to tell all member states what to do! And this means that Great Britain will no longer have sovereign rights over such vital issues as Foreign Affairs, Defence, Asylum and Immigration. Great Britain will lose control of its finances and economies (regardless of whether or not we keep the pound). We will lose our sovereign right to sign our own treaties or even to independently defend ourselves. There will be binding laws on social policy, public health, transport, freedom, justice and security, freedom, consumer protection, the environment, agriculture and fisheries and, of course, energy! In all these areas we will be forbidden to have our own policies unless the EU hasn't got one! We will lose our freedom to make moral choices and we will be even more subject to the enforcement of politically correct doctrines endorsed by the EU.

The tradition of common law, which underpins the English concept of liberty itself, will not survive! There will be common policies on justice, including the rights of defendants and victims, and a European public prosecutor will be entitled to prosecute British citizens in British courts.

This constitution seems to be nothing less than a blue- print for tyranny. It could mean the end of our independence and the tearing up of 1,000 years of history. The majority of our European colleagues, view these proposals with a mixture of incredulity and disbelief. As a result, almost all our major EU partners, including France, Germany and Spain, plan to hold a referendum to consult their voters on whether or not to accept this drastic change to their birth rate. Our Prime Minister does not consider such a referendum is necessary so Great Britain will become the major exception in this debate. Perhaps it is time for us all to try and influence him to change his mind?

If you have a view on whether or not Great Britain should meekly accept destruction of our sovereign rights you have several options. You can lobby your MP or you can write to Stand Up For Britain, PO Box 5527, London W8 5WJ or, if you are on the internet, you can e-mail Europe@dailymail.co.uk. Come on folks, don't let them trample all over you; use your voices to object before it is too late!

Ray Thompson

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