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Still No TV

May 2003

One person's account of life without the box

It's been a year since we got rid of our T.V. and we still haven't missed it. The jobs we found to do have taken up our time and we have also been out and about more.

Last month we spent a week in Exeter with John's sister and her family, going out to various places of interest and doing a bit of shopping. On the way home we visited Wookey Hole caves, well worth a visit if you are not claustrophobic. Later this year we will be taking the caravan over to Cheddar for a couple of days and having a look at the Gorge and caves there. In between all that, the seeds I set in the greenhouse at the beginning of March will be ready for planting out soon. I made a list of things to do this year and so far everything is running to schedule, which is most unusual for me as I have a tendency to start one job then leave that and start another.

We still do a bit of babysitting. The grandchildren like to come here rather than us go over to theirs. I think its because they can "chill out" here and not worry what Mum will say if they happen to spill something. I have made up an art box with paints, crayons, ordinary and glitter glue, stencils, a large pad of coloured paper, some white card and some A4 paper from John's filing cabinet for them all to use.

The spring sunshine will encourage us to do a bit of walking, probably down into Stoke Ferry then round the back roads or take the car and the dog to Thetford Forrest for a wander round. I also use the Internet a lot to do research for my hobby, which is Egyptology and Archaeology.

By the way I am not suggesting everyone should give up T.V. as for a lot of people who either cant get out or are on their own it is company and for those who go out to work its relaxation, what we have done is just our preference.

Ann Zissler

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