West Dereham Sign Gary Trouton

Runnin' On

May 2003

More musings from West Dereham

Sometimes I wonder just where my day has gone. I know how much work I used to do on a day off work, I won't bore you with the details, but these days of mine are definitely getting shorter now I am retired.

I used to think I'd find days that would seem endless. So far those have been few and far between. That sentence doesn't look right, perhaps it is the way I have said it? I must have sat looking at it a long time, the ginger cat that sits in on my musings is smiling at me. The cat sits in the right hand side of my computer screen; he or she has just had a good old scratch, to sort out an itch behind his or her ear!

I think I ought to give the cat a name and sex, that way you may feel more at home with the happy animal. I reckon Sleepy will do. So laid back, he's a treasure. Too much thinking and not enough typing and Sleepy starts to do amazing acrobatics!

Once I settle down to get on with a few more sentences Sleepy sits and smiles, given time he may be able to do a "Runnin' on" for me! I know I would miss looking out for my piece in the Pump. Sleepy might turn out some more interesting articles and I'd be made redundant!

The sun has decided to warm us up again, and already the garden is looking dry. Mr T and I take turns to water the borders, the ones along our roadside wall are looking very dusty.

The pansies still smile through their sandy veils, they have an admirer, a lorry driver stopped to ask me where I'd bought them. Apparently his wife is having no luck with pansies at all.

I did offer to box some up for her, but the driver said he thought his wife would want to grow her own. Our pansies initially came to us by post; tiny plants in plugs of soil. Real little goers and now they are so prolific and even more beautiful.

I ought to start a business selling "West Dereham road dust", next time I have some spare time I'll go out the front and gather a saleable amount! I'll have to have a little old fashioned lie down on my sun lounger while I plan my money making venture; of course money isn't everything but I reckon it helps!

I think a linen line above the front garden wall, large white sheets hung out hammock style and I would be soon filling small brown paper bags with the sandy dusts that our pansies thrive in. Pepper pot type dispensers would be an added attraction of course.

Little Sleepy has just had a stretch and now he's going through his upside down routine again, I'm off to make a pan of hearty soup, you never know it might be a chilly evening and we'll need warming up.

Janet Tilburn

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