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Letters to the Editor

May 2003

Iraq, Newcomers and Proactivity!

Dear Ray,

I was absolutely astounded when I saw an advertisement in the Independent submitted by a charity called "Action against Hunger UK". It sought to obtain donations for food, water, medicines, etc. to be sent to Iraq as a result of the war. I feel very sorry for the unfortunate Iraqis involved but, being diehard ant-war, I am not going to subscribe to something that could have and should have been prevented. It is the government that should "cough up" the lot, not kind-thinking people with their individual donations. Obviously, if the government do supply essential items, they will get it back indirectly from all of us. I find the appeal bizarre and obscene in equal measures.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Forster

Dear Ray,

In answer to Nathan Allen's letter in the April Pump, he wants to get his facts right. It is not only the new people that complain about Grampian Foods, but the locals as well.

Why always blame the newcomers for everything?

Yours sincerely,

Mr L Sharman

Last month I wrote about Parish Councils and how delighted I was to see you, Mr Editor, follow that up by contacting prospective candidates. Initiative and enterprise there just isn't any substitute is there? I still refer to what I have just written as the two E's but then spelling was never my strong point.

So what of the Candidates who responded to our Editor? Six of them! Well if I had a vote in Stoke Ferry I would vote for all six. Brain Harrison echo my sentiments exactly when he writes, 'The members of the community should feel ownership of the village and be able to influence its future development'. Well said Brian. And to achieve that, we have to take on board what Chris Stocking had to say when he talked of Parish Councils being more pro-active. You know what Mr Editor? At times I have a feeling some people are pinching my scripts.

How refreshing though it is to find Candidates who come over with so much enthusiasm? I shouldn't try to put a damper on it but lets hope they feel the same in a year's time. There is one area where I can't appear to see the wood from the trees. We have been talking about Stoke Ferry. It seems as if the Village now has got a spring in its step. The Village Workshop, I hear, was a great success; another one is planned for 28th May. All of this has much to commend it. But this is taking Stoke Ferry in isolation isn't it? I seem to be hearing people in Wereham saying, 'Hang on what about us?' In the year 2003, if we take sport as an example, can Stoke Ferry have it's own football, cricket teams etc? And Wereham likewise? The answer is yes it is possible. It was in the past but what about today? I don't think it's on; to me amalgamation is the answer.

Being someone who has been around for years I can remember village football teams which consisted of nearly all village born lads. Today it's rather different. Whether that's good or bad isn't the point that's how the world is today and we have to go from there. So when Parish Councillors sit down and talk about, for example, the young people of Stoke Ferry, then what they come up with in my view is just as relevant to the young people of Wereham, Wretton, etc. So am I talking about a local District Council? Well I seem to remember a Downham and District Council years ago! The trouble with history is that it has too often a habit of repeating itself.

But whatever system you employ, whatever road you decide to travel down, you will only make real progress if, what you do, you do so with genuine enthusiasm. Show me someone with enthusiasm and I will show you someone who is going places. Give me someone who is never satisfied, who always wants more or something better and to me that is not greed but Ambition and if you haven't that then indeed your days are numbered.

Les Lawrence

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