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West Dereham Parish Council

April 2003

Minutes of the March 2003 meeting

Minutes of a Meeting held on Thursday, 13th March 2003 in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.

Present: E. Drew - Chairman, Miss A. Richardson, P. Wood, Mrs. D. Berry, B. Glover and T. Manley.

Apologies: G. Cann

Minutes: It was proposed and agreed that the February minutes be signed as a correct record.

The work on the Allotments gates is in hand. Some work has been carried out with regard to the potholes.

The Wayland Prison workshop Manager telephoned to confirm that the second Village sign will be started soon.

Mr. & Mrs. R. Kenna, Hilgay Road: const of dwelling after demolition of Homelea - recommend approval but with lay by if possible.

Key cutting £10.00

N.C.A.P.& T.C. £92.07

Clerk's salary £1050.00

Proposed Mrs. Berry and seconded T. Manley pass for payment - unanimously agreed.

Drug Dealing - It's Your Call - noted.

Freedom of Information - Model Scheme Parish Council has been accepted.

DEFRA - Licensing Bill Village Halls etc are exempt.

King's Lynn Contact: Norfolk Matters - both noted.

N.C.C. Household Waste in Norfolk consultation questionnaire - completed.

Letter from Mrs. O'Grady - Secretary of Pathways and Amenities Group (West Dereham) - letter to be acknowledged and confirmation to be given regarding the meeting held with the W.N.B.C. Footpaths Officer on 10th February 2003. This meeting was arranged to walk the existing footpaths with a view to making them more user friendly and if sensible to realign some. The Pathways and Amenities Group are to be asked to put forward any observation they have on this subject and are invited to attend Parish Council meeting(s) which are held on the second Thursday of every month except August. A full meeting of all interested parties, Council Officers, Landowners etc: is anticipated in the not too distant future.

Mr. Manley agreed to contact Mr. Miller regarding the hedge and dyke arisings, which are now making Church Road very untidy. Mr. Dugdale, N.C.C. Footpaths Officer is to be contacted with regards to the Bridle Way running from Station Road Bridge over the Cut Off Channel to Roxham Bridge - this is now becoming impassable with overhanging trees and debris.

The meeting closed at 9.35 p.m.

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