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Wereham Parish Council

April 2003

Minutes of the January 2003 meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Thuesday 14th January 2003 in the Village Hall at 7.30p.m.

Present: G. Gott - Chairman, Mrs. Koopowitz, Mrs. Willis, D. Pickston, P. Markwell, G. Clere, T. Manley - Borough Councillor

Apologies: None

Minutes: The 12th November 2002 minutes were proposed by G.Clere, seconded by P. Markwell and duly signed as a correct record.

Matters Arising:

* The manhole between Crown Gardens and Flegg Green still needs attention.

* The fish have been removed from the pond.

* The development at Charlton House is to be determined at the next Borough Conned Planning meeting.

* No-Where Lane is now desperately in need of attention.

Co-option to fill vacancy:

Charles Humphries is the only applicant and was therefore duly co-opted - clerk is to write to him.

Planning: None


* G. Clere proposed and Mrs. Koopowitz seconded that £2950.00 be requested for the year 2003/4 - this was agreed.

* A request for a donation was received from Marham C.A.B. and G. Clere declared an interest and took no part in the debate. A discussion took place and it was proposed by D. Pickston and seconded by Mrs. Koopowitz that £30.00 he donated.


* N.R.C.C. £12.50

* District Audit £58.75

* Marham C.A.B. £30.00

Proposed by D. Pickston, seconded Mrs. Koopowitz these accounts be paid.

Grass Maintenance:

Mr. Markwell declared an interest and withdrew from the discussion. Quotations from C.G.M. Ltd and AJ. Canham were debated and it was proposed by Mrs. Koopowitz and seconded by Mrs. Willis that C.G.M. Ltd be awarded the Contract for three years.

Freedom of Information Act 2000:

It was agreed the Minutes of the meetings be placed on the Notice Board before they are ratified and Minutes be published in the Pump after ratification. The Declaration is to be signed and returned - unanimously agreed.


W.N. Matters: Norfolk Matters: Our Community Matters: Playing Field Leaflet: Housing Needs Study: Norfolk Link: Best Kept Village all noted.

Renewable Energy and the Planning System:

D. Pickston volunteered to study and complete the questionnaire Paul Denny wrote regarding a request that the hedge fronting Orchard House be cut back as it is blocking the footpath - clerk to write to the occupiers - he also requested a Street light in Flegg Green and he commented that the road is in danger of collapse near the first bend (from Flegg Green end) in Row Lane. The clerk was instructed to write and acknowledge Mr. Denny's letter and let him know what action is being taken on these matters.

Any Other Business:

* A letter is to be sent to 24/7 asking why Wereham's electricity supply is so erratic and frequently poor.

* G Clere raised the matter of the clerk's salary and it was agreed that this matter is to be discussed at the next meeting.

* Dogs fouling the foot path particularly between George & Dragon and The Forge.

* A letter is to be circulated to every house in the Village asking for help to find the culprit. The Marker posts opposite Charlton House have again been knocked down.

* A letter requesting the cost of the W.B.N.C. emptying two litter bins on the Play Area is to be sent to the Borough Council. The Chairman agreed to remove and dispose of the old litter bin from the Play Area.

The meeting closed at 9.25p.m.

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