River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Stories About Chameleons

April 2003

Written by children from the James Bradfield V.C. Primary School

The children in Finches Class, aged six to seven, have been writing stories about chameleons. They worked very hard and produced some excellent work. We have chosen two for you to read and enjoy. The work is all the children's own, although spelling has been corrected.

One day there was a little chameleon that lived in a small tank in a classroom with lots of children. Their teacher was outside waiting for a bus to come to take the children to the desert a long way away. A little girl took the chameleon out of its tank and they set off for the desert. When they got there, two of the boys went off to make a sand castle. Five girls went to look for shells. The teacher went to get the chameleon but it had gone from its travelling tank. The children ran over to help catch the chameleon. He jumped into some big brown rocks and changed colour. The class couldn't find it but suddenly he popped out of the rocks and ran into the boys' castle and then jumped on a spiky green cactus. The class could not find him. It started to rain hard. The chameleon ran to get to a palm tree and hid under the leaves, so he did not get wet. The children spotted him. They put their umbrella up and chased after him. The chameleon ran as fast as he could, and the class could not catch him. He jumped in the sand and turned yellow. The class were going home, and the sleepy chameleon walked back to his cage and went back in the bus. When he got home, the teacher put him in his old tank and he went to sleep. The next day, the class went to the park.

The chameleon was in his cage with a comfy, fluffy pillow. His name was Spotty; he was very nice and intelligent. He jumped in his army tank, which was very spotty and shiny, and set off to see his new big gun. Spotty fell asleep under a hat. He found a can of fizzy coke and put his long, long tongue through a hole and drunk all of his drink up. He scampered to his huge, giant, big gun. He found a dark, dark, terrible rainstorm. He ran and ran as fast as he could. He hid under a big, big leaf. The rain couldn't get him, but the wind could - it blew the leaf away. He climbed up in a tree, the wind couldn't get him now neither did the rain get him. The rainstorm vanished, disappeared and the sun came up. He was safe. He went in his army tank and set off to test out his new gun.

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