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Stoke Ferry Parish Council

April 2003

Minutes of the January meeting

Minutes of a meeting of Stoke Ferry Parish Council held in the Community Centre at 7.30pm on Thursday 16th January 2003

1. Those attending: Mr A White, Mr M Mycock, Mr L. Bonnett, Mr G Patterson, Mrs M Leaman, Mr M Mann, Mr C Stocking, Mr C Hollier, Mrs V Negus, 10 members of the public

2. Apologies for absence were received from Mrs P Lewis

3. Mr White introduced Mr Hollier, the Community Education Worker, who outlined his work to date and for the future in respect of the youth club and other activities and also adult education. He can be contacted on 500872 and Mr White asked Mr Hollier to keep the Parish Council informed of their progress.

4. Mr White welcomed the new Councillor and Mr Stocking signed the Declaration of Acceptance

5. Minutes of the Previous meeting: Amendment to 9(d) Bradfield Place to replace Buckenham Drive. Mr Paterson proposed that the minutes be adopted with the amendment. Seconded by Mr Bonnett.

6. Matters Arising

(a) Manhole cover Buckenham Drive, still not mended, clerk to contact Anglian Water again

(b) Sue Ridgeway, NRCC, to be invited to next meeting

(c) Borough Council to be contacted regarding grass cutting in Bradfield Place

(d) Boughton Road sign not yet reinstated, clerk to contact Borough Council

(e) Clerk to contact Bluebell Inn regarding stones on pavement

(f) Mr Hollier confirmed that any plans for a skate park are currently on hold

7. Planning

(a) Recommended for approval by Borough Council - Bungalow, Little Lane and Marmic, Fen Drove.

(b) Recommended for refusal by Borough Council - Mobile home and change of use Farm Building, Oxborough Road.

(c) Recommended for approval by Parish Council - Studfarm Barn, Wretton Road.

(d) To be considered by Planning Committee on 20 January - Honey Pot.

(e) Mr Mann queried if a property was being built at the bottom of Great Mans Way - Mr White will clarify with Planning Control.

(f) Mr Mann queried if the spikes and signs on the wall at Favor Parker needed planning permission - Mr White will clarify with Planning control.

8. Payment of Bills

£28.50 Hall Hire

£240.00 G King, village maintenance

9. Precept: Following discussion of the proposed budget a precept of £4800 was suggested. Mr Mann proposed that this figure be accepted, seconded by Mr Bonnett. The quote from Country Grounds Maintenance for hedging to the new cemetery was accepted at £513.50. Cutting of the new cemetery to be reduced to 10 times per season

10. Burial Fees: A review of the burial fees was carried out to come into line with current fees provided by the NCAPTC

11. Correspondence

(a) Mr Kent - Query on grassed area and road on Furlong Drove and cemetery allotments. Clerk to contact Highways and write to Mr Kent.

(b) Mr Fuller - Request for clarification of item from previous minutes.

(c) Mrs McGregor - Request for dog waste bins, clerk to establish costs. Use of footpath between Wretton Road and Buckingham Drive. It was confirmed that the footpath could not be closed.

12. Liason Meeting: Mr Bonnett and Mr Patterson reported that noise readings had been carried out by Favor Parker, which are within acceptable levels. It had been suggested that readings should be carried out over a 24-hour period. A speed restriction of 15mph had been proposed. The next meeting is on May 9 at 10am. It was felt that this is a difficult time for any Councillor to attend. Clerk to contact Favor Parker to request an afternoon meeting.

13. Any Other Business:

(a) Mr Patterson asked if double white lines could be installed at the Buckenham Drive exit from Favor Parker

(b) A report was made regarding a police matter. Mr White confirmed that the Parish Council is unable to take any direct action but would contact the police to request a higher presence in the village.

(c) Footpath between Oak Road and Border Road, the clerk was requested to establish if this has been adopted. Following a discussion of the footway between the new housing development and the playing field the clerk was asked to establish if this is a public right of way on the planning scheme.

(d) The following items were reported as needing attention:

* Road surface at Great Manns Way

* Road surface from the Furlong to Wretton Road

* White lining from the Furlong to Wretton Road

* Wretton directional sign on Lynn Road adjacent to village sign too low

* Depth of kerb in Buckenham Drive

* Blocked drain outside Favor Parker entrance in Buckenham Drive

(e) Bus Service questionnaire issued to members of the public.

14. The date of the next meeting will be Thursday 20th February.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50pm

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