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Letters to the Editor

April 2003

Estate agents pull wool over eyes, ears and nose?

Dear Ray,

I have noticed whilst reading the Village Pump and viewing the Stoke Ferry website, that as the number of people that have moved into the village has risen, so have the complaints against Grampian Foods. It seems that the complaints are about the environment, noise and traffic. Whilst viewing properties in Stoke Ferry, did these people miss the large factory in the middle of the village, not hear the noise or see the lorries.

Nathan Allen

Dear Ray,

What a brilliant Community Meeting last night (26th February) turned out to be. It offered a chance for everyone to air their views on what they thought was important; what to retain in the village and the changes we would welcome being made to further improve our lovely environment. I was also most impressed by the spirit of the people who attended. They made it into a great evening out. Please record my thanks to Chris Hollier and his team for an excellent, well-organised meeting. Let's do it again, soon.

Lesley Turner

Dear Editor,

May I say how much I enjoyed reading the letter pages of the March Pump; I thought one or two letters were sheer farce. What can I make of dear Mrs. Bonnett of 6 Oxborough Road? She doesn't think my letters or articles are in the least bit funny but good for her, she's entitled to her opinion. It's clear that she also doesn't like me personally even, as she says she doesn't know me. I hope she won't mind if I retire to my loft to try and work that one out. The good news for our Pump is that she has now started buying it again; well at least on the assumption that I don't contribute. In the past the dear Lady has been saving herself 5Op a month thereby robbing herself of the pleasures of reading the excellent articles which flow from the pen of such as Ron Watts.

It doesn't end there. What about none other than Ray Garrett? I must say that, with friends like he has, I'm worried about him. Ray tells us his friends are back buying our Pump now this Lawrence fellow has hit the dust. Are you sure Ray you are talking about 5Op per month or some other fortune I don't yet know about? But, on reflection, it could be that our Ray could be on to something here. By getting rid of our Les sales have increased; so lets take this to its logical conclusion. Lets assume we put a bit of pressure on good old Ron Watts and get him to lay down his pen. Ron would be the first to agree that everyone does not appreciate his articles, but working on the same strange formula as that employed by Ray Garrett, I calculate that the removal of Ron will increase sales by a further 15%. Just a quick check; 20% increase in sales thanks to the removal of the rather handsome Les, 15% with the departure of Ron; wow, that's a grand total of 35% and we haven't even got round to the likes of Graham Forster and Janet Tilburn! And don't let us forget our esteemed Editor whose editorials have been cause for concern in some quarters for some time. I calculate that a slap on the wrist for our Editor should see about a 5% growth in sales. My final calculations suggest that monthly sales should now total some 973 but, with not a contributor in sight. But I suppose that will leave us all free to read the adverts.

So what are we really saying? That there are some people who, because they don't like what one contributor writes, won't buy our Pump as a consequence? Of course this must be their prerogative but, all I can say is, how sad! Of course there is another side to all this. Perhaps those who don't like my articles might like to submit an item or two themselves thus giving our editor more choice in what he prints.

Les Lawrence

Dear Ray,

Since my last letter, I have settled down a bit. I guess I was disappointed at being let down by the hospital staff. It was their fault; if I had known they were going to refuse my medication I would have kept more with me so that I could have kept taking them as instructed by the day surgery clinic. I don't feel quite so uptight about it now - I know I'm on medication and one day it will all get sorted out.

I have had two pieces of my life sorted out, though. One was by the TV man and one by the doctor. So, if I keep saying my prayers I'm sure the rest of my problems will be sorted and I'll wonder in six months time what I was worrying about.

I went and saw a friend of mine that I met in hospital. His name is also John and he lives in a warden controlled home in Wisbech. If I ever get to the stage where I can't do things for myself I won't hesitate to go and live there. Having said that, I hope it never happens. I do like to get out and about and meet people. I know I'll never be rich, but I hope I can always be kind.

I have decided to do something about my weight problem. I can still go to my Cameo Club and my Silver Threads Club but I will try to avoid tucking into the food like the others do. I am also determined to sort out my money problems. From now on I will think twice before I buy anything and will always look for cheaper alternatives with less calories.

Your friend as always,


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