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Whittington Community Events

March 2003

News Update

Well done Whittington! Over the last year we have had a Quiz Night, Auction, Barn Dance and Barbecue and we have raised a total to date of £1637.24!

In addition to items already purchased i.e. A tea urn and an extension lead, we have arranged to provide a PORT-A-LOO, folding legs for the trestle tables and some roof maintenance.

The Bonus Ball initiative has also been a great success. A total of £1898.00 was raised, £1111.00 of which has been handed to the Whittington PCC for their fundraising efforts, the remainder being paid out in winnings. A special thank you to Carol Gale for her hard work, both in setting up the Bonus Ball competition and, probably more importantly, in keeping it going. Jenny Elsey has now taken over the running of the Bonus Ball so let's keep the payments coming in.

More community events are planned for 2003. You can look forward to:

* April 25th Prize Bingo and Raffle evening

* June B.B.Q. and musical evening

* October A wine and wisdom night

* December Watton Silver Band concert and carol evening.

We hope to see many of you at these events and we would like to record our thanks to all that have supported us so far.

Chair Gil Watkins

Treasurer Vanessa Hoare

Secretary Carol Gale

Members Pete Vigus, Chris Gale, Alison Handull & Janet Burns

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