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Runnin' On

March 2003

Toby makes a friend

This week we have one of Brian's tech school friends and his wife staying with us while they look around this area with a view to buying a house in the near future. Toby our cat has found Yvonne very easy to get along with, Yvonne feeds him on demand. The cat can look really hungry all day, well, not hungry enough to eat any food that has gone "off" in the last five minutes. Be fair, we can all hope to get exactly what we want can't we?

I'm not sure how well the house hunting is going along but suffice to say, Toby will be in for a very slim time when he has hard-hearted Mum and Dad to contend with. If you see a very hungry black and white cat with his cheeks sucked in and his tummy taut, be kind to him! Please ignore his yowling, fainting fits and desperate appearance, send him home!

I have spent today looking for a sheet of paper, I must have found everything else that I have lost in the last forty something years though. I thoroughly enjoyed myself but in the end there was a whoop of delight when I finally found what I wanted. Mr T can now relax and hope that I manage to write something for the Pump this month.

Well I can relax too now, Toby's friend Yvonne has just come in, she said she doesn't mind me writing about her in our Pump. I didn't want to upset her, Toby has started to tell her what a hard day it has been with his hard hearted family ignoring his fainting fits. I don't think the R.S.P.C.A. will take up his case either. Well that's all for this month.

Janet Tilburn

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