River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Every Cloud...

March 2003

...needs relining

Well that was a good bit of snow we had early last month. How quickly things ground to a halt! And cold with it too.

But while an old decrepit like me was carefully watching my step in case I fell and broke something, the youngsters were having a high old time building snowmen, sliding, and having snowball fights. Ah, memories of my youth. Still it looked magical, and my garden looked just as good as my neighbours did. For a week anyway!!

I kept looking out the window, golf clubs at the ready, (us golfers are optimists you know) but I couldn't get the trolley to start. I think the man who pulls it was frozen, I'd forgotten to top up with antifreeze. So her indoors says, 'As you can't go out to play we may as well redecorate the kitchen.'

Well looking at it logically, it's a bit difficult finding a little white ball in all that snow. Even if I had been lucky enough to get onto the green, by the time I'd puffed the ball towards the hole it would have grown in size and it's no good trying to get a five inch ball into a four inch hole!!!!

So redecorate it was. Of course there are always a dozen jobs to do before you can start the one you want to do, and this time was no different. Move the plants, move the dog, move the utensils, move the dog, move the pictures, move the dog. He really doesn't like to be left out of anything.

Finally. Walls, ceiling, and woodwork exposed. Time to apply the paint. Her indoors tends to take that literally and somehow gets as much on herself as what is being painted. Me, well I get a crick in my neck trying to see what I'm doing through my bifocals, which never seem to be in the right place for what I want to look at. Consequently it is sometimes painting by instinct as I might see the starting point and the finishing point but hope the bit in the middle joins the two ends in something like a straight line!!

Anyway we got the job done eventually and we're pleased with the result. It was while standing in the kitchen admiring our handiwork that we happened to glance out the window and saw a group of five Long-tailed Tits feasting for several minutes on the nuts in the birdfeeder.

So there it is, every cloud has its silver lining, for someone anyway. I didn't get my game of golf, but my wife got her kitchen redecorated and we both saw birds not previously seen in our garden before.

Life's like that!


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