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West Dereham Parish Council

February 2003

Minutes of the November 2002 meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 14th November 2002 in the Village Hall at 8.00p.m.

Present: E. Drew - Chairman, P. Wood, B. Glover, Miss Richardson, Mrs. Berry together with 2 members of the public.

Apologies: T. Manley and G. Cann


It was proposed by B. Glover and seconded by Miss Richardson that the minutes of the October meeting be signed as a correct record.

Matters Arising:

The road outside the old Chequers:

Mr. Warren wrote to the County Council regarding the state the area was left in and he received a reply, which was most unhelpful.

Information Commissioner:

The clerk had spoken on the telephone to their Office and it was confirmed that the procedures which the Parish Council already carry out are more than satisfactory and therefore it was agreed that the Document be completed, the Declaration signed and returned.


* Mr. & Mrs. J. Woodley - Site for 6 dwellings adjacent to Oakleigh. Hilgay Road - recommend refusal although confirm that if they were to be low cost starter homes with a maximum of three accesses onto Hilgay Road the application might be viewed differently.

* Glazewing Ltd. Replacement Office - recommend approval.


* C.G.M. Ltd £669.76

* R.B.L. Poppy Appeal £16.75

* District Audit £58.75

* Citizens Advice Bureau £25.00

* TXU Energi £23.02

Proposed P. Wood, seconded B. Glover pass for payment.


* C.A.B. request for a donation - £25.00 proposed P. Wood, seconded Miss Richardson unanimously agreed.

* N.R.C.C. Signpost: N.R.C.C. Dose Your Village need Funding.

* W.N.B.C. West Dereham now to be in the Wimbotsham with Fincham Ward: all noted.

* C.G.M. Ltd sent a quotation for the grass maintenance for 2003 and the clerk was instructed to obtain another so that a comparison could be carried out.

* Mr. French has applied for half of allotment no. 1 and it was agreed to let same to him and advertise the other half. A letter was received from Mrs. O'Grady together with a petition regarding the 'roadways' in the Allotments. After a lengthy and heated discussion it was confirmed that the Allotments and the 'roadways' through are not for public use and therefore will not be reinstated. It was suggested that perhaps the public footpath behind the old Chequers westwards coming out in Basil Road could be cleared and used.

Any Other Business:

* Pot holes in the bottom end of Station Road appear to get marked but not filled. Basil Road is in a very bad state with mud at the present time. Rubbish has been tipped in the Chalk Pit gateway in Lime Kiln Road - clerk to contact the appropriate Authorities.

* A Parishioner suggested that perhaps an 'adopt a grave' scheme could be set up to clear the Churchyard.

* A question was asked if Mr. Cann was still a member of the Parish Council.

The meeting closed at 9.30p.m.

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