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Stoke Ferry Parish Council

February 2003

Minutes of the December 2002 meeting

Minutes of a meeting of Stoke Ferry Parish Council held in the community centre at 7.30pm on Thursday 5th December 2002

1. Those attending:

Mr M Mycock, Mr L. Bonnett, Mr G Patterson, Mr R Ward, Mrs M Leaman, Mrs P Lewis, Mr T. Manley, Mrs M Adcock, Inspector Dean, Mrs V Negus, 19 members of the public

2. Apologies for absence

were received from Mr A White and Mr M Mann

Mrs Melissa Adcock from the Norfolk Rural Community Council gave a talk on Affordable Housing and outlined the benefits of a parish Housing Needs Survey. Mr Mycock thanked her for attending.

Inspector Dean addressed the meeting and endeavoured to resolve recent problems regarding behaviour of youths. The situation will be closely monitored in an effort to bring about a satisfactory conclusion. Inspector Dean confirmed the best methods of contacting the Police under varying circumstances: Non emergency matter should be reported at Kings Lynn 691211 A crime in progress should be reported to 999.

Following a discussion of speeding traffic Inspector Dean confirmed that this is the responsibility of the traffic police and after April 2003 speed concerns can be dealt with locally.

A member of the public asked for a dedicated meeting to be arranged with the police rather than at a parish council meeting. Inspector Dean confirmed that P.C. Smith would be in the village on the following Tuesday. Mr Mycock thanked Inspector Dean for attending.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and the following amendments were made:

a) Mr Manley had sent apologies for absence

b) Mr Mycock had no knowledge of item 9(e)

c) Mr Ward proposed that the minutes be adopted with the amendments. Seconded by Mr Bonnett.

4. Matters Arising

a) A 40% grant will be available for new hedging when required for the cemetery

b) Broken manhole cover in Buckenham Drive still not repaired. Mr Manley agreed to follow this up.

c) Chris Hollier had confirmed that the youth club had restarted. Clerk to invite Chris Hollier to a meeting.

d) Consideration of burial fees postponed to next meeting

e) Freedom of Information publication scheme. It was agreed that the model scheme should be adopted using core classes only.

f) Casual vacancy - Mr Stocking was co-opted as a member of the Parish Council

5. Planning

Items approved by Borough Council:

Provision of fire escape Favor Parker, alteration to provide office space Favor Parker, Construction of garage and canopy High Ash, Little Lane.

6. Payment of Bills

The following bills were presented for payment:

a) Country Grounds Maintenance £689.77

b) Mrs Negus £398.42

c) Mr L Peake £200.00

d) British Legion £16.75

e) Whiteaway £70.50

f) Mr Patterson proposed payment, second by Mrs Leamon.

7. Correspondence

a) Borough Council - Offer of up to 10 free trees. - Tree warden to give this consideration and complete the order.

b) Borough Council - notification that Borough Council minutes and agendas will no longer be circulated by post but will be available on their website.

c) Citizens Advice Bureau, King's Lynn - request for donation. Donations to be considered for Marham office only.

d) C Canham - offer of quotation for maintenance work. Retain for future reference

e) Country Grounds Maintenance - quote for maintenance work for 2003 with the offer of a 3 year contract at the 2003 price. Clerk to accept this quotation but Mr Mycock stressed that if any areas are not kept to a good standard the parish council should be informed.

f) Borough Council request for nominations for Mayors Award for Voluntary Service

g) Mrs Hardy - dealt with during Inspector Dean's meeting.

h) Notification of Millers Arms application for public entertainment licence. No objections.

8. Liaison Meeting

To be held on Friday 13th December

9. Other Business

a) Mr Mycock to replace missing cemetery sign

b) Mrs Lewis requested that Sue Ridgway of the NRCC be invited to the meeting to discuss parish planning.

c) Tree warden to meet with parish councillors on site to discuss cemetery boundary

Other business from members of the public

d) Query on grass cutting in Bradfield Place - Mr Mycock confirmed this is the responsibility of the Borough Council

e) Query on council house rent - Mr Mycock confirmed this is the responsibility of the Borough Council

f) Report of missing road sign Boughton Road

g) Report of stones on the path outside the Bluebell

h) Skate board park - Councillors not aware of any plans

10. Date of the next meeting was set for Thursday 16th January 2003

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9pm.

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