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Stoke Ferry Parish Council

January 2003

Minutes of the meeting held in the community centre on Thursday 24th October 2002

1. Those attending:

Mr A White (Chairman) Mr M Mycock, Mr L. Bonnett, Mr G Patterson, Mr R Ward, Mrs M Leaman, Mrs V Negus, 8 members of the public

2. Apologies for absence were received from Mr M Mann, Mr A Jagger, Mrs P Lewis, Mr T Manley and P.C. Smith

3. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted

4. Matters Arising

(a) New Cemetery Ground - It was agreed that the opportunity should be taken to consecrate the whole of the new ground together. It was established that the existing roadway could continue through to the new cemetery. Clerk to request assistance from the NCC for hedging for the new cemetery. Mr Mycock reported that a number of purchased plots had not been used and he will take advice on the procedure to be followed regarding those plots. This item to be put on the agenda again for the Spring.

(b) Fence at quarry edge being dealt with by the Highways Department.

(c) Cracked manhole cover in Buckenham Drive not resolved. Clerk to follow up

(d) Great Mans Way situation to be monitored

(e) Lime Kiln Lane Sign still missing. Clerk to contact Highways.

(f) A report on a drugs problem had been followed up without success and Mr White stressed that if any resident comes across this problem they should contact him.

(g) Mr Preston to be contacted to clarify the standing of the Youth Club.

5. Planning

* Parrys Chip Shop - Borough Council granted permission

* High Ash, Little Lane - Parish Council recommended approval

* Bungalow Plot 1, Little Lane - Parish Council recommended approval

* Plans for The Hunny Pot, Furlong Road and Peat Excavation at land adjacent to Oxborough Wood, in circulation.

6. Payment of Bills

Eastern Contracting £238.98 Street Lighting Maintenance contract October 2002 - March 2003

Payment proposed by Mr Mycock, seconded by Mr Bonnett.

7. Correspondence

(a) Emmerson & Son - Request for approval of 3 headstones approved. The question of increasing burial fees was raised. Clerk will issue copies of existing tariff for consideration at the next meeting. Mr White agreed to establish current rates for other parishes.

(b) Copy letter from Highways to Mr B White re Littlemans Way, for information.

(c) Parish Boundary Review - full copy not required

(d) NCC, Planning & Transportation - Prior notice of 2 consultation documents for Norfolk and East of England regarding housing. Clerk to distribute copy to all Councillors for discussion at the next meeting.

(e) Borough Council re Closed Churchyard Special Expenses - it was agreed that the Parish Council did not wish to take over the maintenance.

(f) Oxborough Parish Council reported dead trees within the Stoke Ferry boundary near the highway. Mr White will make contact with the Stoke Ferry tree warden but the Council felt that any action needed should be the responsibility of the landowners not the Parish Council. Clerk to inform Oxborough Parish Council and copy to Highways.

(g) Information Commission - clerk to distribute copies of documentation to Councillors for discussion at the next meeting.

(h) Norfolk Rural Community Council - Invite the Rural Housing Enabler to the next meeting

(i) NCC - Replacement Definitive maps for information

(j) Letter of resignation from Mr Jagger. Clerk to thank Mr Jagger for his work and contact the Borough Council regarding a replacement.

(k) Report from Mrs Lewis on the issue of the Jubilee mugs and also on the progress of the James Bradfield School.

8. Liaison Meeting

* Mr Bonnett had established that noise from blowers should not go beyond 9.30pm. Any noise after that time should be reported to Favor Parker at the time.

* The EHO are investigating the spray but the installation of clean air units should improve this situation.

* The next meeting of the Liaison Committee will be at 2.30pm on December 13th, which Mr White will attend.

9. Other Business

(a) Mr White passed on PC Smith's apologies for not being able to attend the meeting and reported that there has been a problem of car badges being stolen. Mr White asked Councillors to pass on this information to other residents.

(b) Still some weight limit signs missing - Clerk to report this to Highways

(c) Mr Ward expressed concern regarding an internet website concerning Stoke Ferry which he felt was irresponsible.

(d) Mr White will seek agreement from the Post Office and Geoff Allen to have new waste bins sited in those areas.

(e) Mr Mycock will establish if the Stoke Ferry Environmental Group has been adopted and report at the next meeting (This item was the subject of amendment at the December meeting.) Mr White asked the members of the public present if they had any business and the following points were raised.

(f) A complaint was made that the smell from Favor Parker had recently been particularly bad. Mr White will raise this at the next liaison meeting.

(g) Some road signs are still missing. Clerk to contact Highways

(h) Concern was expressed at the behaviour of youths and the lack of response from the Police. Mr White agreed to speak with the local police to ask them to be more active in this area.

(i) It was reported that Ferry Stores are still not complying with planning conditions. Mr White will investigate.

(j) Complaint received that the area at the junction of Border Road and Oak Road is being used by skate boarders. Mr White will also mention this to the local police. The Parish Council were also asked if they have any knowledge of proposals for a skate board park. Neither the Parish Council or the Playing Field Committee have any knowledge of such a proposal.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm

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