River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Mnarani School

January 2003

A letter from Kenya

Just a short Christmas message to you and your very supportive group. We do value your assistance very much and it is only thru efforts like yours that we will be able to raise the standards of education and thus living standards here.

As you know from the news, Mr Bush's friend Mr Bin Laden and his henchmen paid us a very unwelcome visit on the 28th November killing 14 or so people and causing chaos. I was in Mombasa airport watching that Israeli plane take off but did not see the missile go by.

Suffice to say, our tourist industry has taken another hit through no fault of our own this time. Mnarani Club lost a whole week's conference of 100 people because of the bomb and missile attacks. That hurts.

However, Kenyans are as ever optimists and we look forward to our election on 27th December and most of us hope for a change in party. Meantime much song and dance and mimicing of prominent personalities which we love to do. Needless to say all parties are making extravagant promises about education. We believe only what we can see.

Mostly we get on with our lives and try to get the best for our kids, the current school building projects are nearing completion and we are meeting to chart further progress next week. The proposed secondary boarding school for girls will be high on our agenda.

In the meantime please convey our thanks and best wishes to all involved. We also kindly request your continuing help in this endeavour.

Best Wishes

Chris Wilson

Managing Director

Kilifi Plantations

Chairman of School Governors

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