War Memorial Gary Trouton

Stoke Ferry Parish Council

December 2002

Minutes of the meeting held on 12th September 2002

Mr M Mycock, Mr M Mann, Mr L. Bonnett, Mr G Patterson, Mr R Ward, Mrs M Leaman, Mrs V Negus,

4 members of the public

Mr A. White and Mrs P Lewis

* Point 3 on Matters arising should read 41 Buckenham Dive

* Point 1 on Planning should read shower area not parking area

a) Parking on Stoke Ferry High Street - Following an inspection by an NCC Traffic engineer he reported that he did not feel the situation was hazardous and obstruction issues could be enforced by the Constabulary in the absence of waiting restrictions.

b) Highway Matters - Some repairs still outstanding. A temporary Traffic Order for one day 13th October affecting Lynn Road between Furlong Road and Wretton Road will take place because of surfacing work.

c) New Cemetery Ground - Rev. Tuffnell confirmed that the ground could not be consecrated by the Bishop until after Christmas. The cost will be approximately £180. The clerk was requested to let Mr Mycock have copies of the plan of the existing cemetery in order to plan the new cemetery. Rev. Tuffnell to be contacted at a later date.

d) Removal of fence at quarry edge - Highways to be contacted to inform them of the situation.

* 3 Oak Road - Borough Council granted permission

* Wissington Sugar Factory: Conditioning of Topsoil - Borough Council granted permission

* 12 Buckenham Drive - Borough Council granted permission

* Wynbury, Bridge Road - Parish Council refused recommendation

* Shotblasting workshop - Parish Council refused recommendation

* Mobile Home - Parish Council refused recommendation

* Favor Parker fire escape - Parish Council approved recommendation

* Favor Parker, office and improved access - Parish Council approved recommendation

* Parrys Chip Shop - Awaiting Notice of Decision from Borough Council

* Demolition of garage and erection of dwelling land at rear of The Apiary Furlong Road - Parish Council refused recommendation

Cemetery Skip Hire - £70.50. Passed for payment proposed by Mr Bonnett, seconded by Mr Patterson.

a) The Boundary Committee - Periodic Electoral Review final recommendations

b) West Norfolk Partnership - invitation to attend the Strategy Launch in October

c) Mr Hardy re items connected with the recreation ground.

d) Funding for Parish Councils - information regarding loss of concurrent functions grant with effect from March 2003. Questionnaire to be completed and returned.

e) Temporary Traffic Order for 13th October affecting Lynn Road

f) Invitation to Police Authority Consultation Forum 2nd October

a) Mrs Leaman reported that the manhole cover in Buckenham Drive is cracked. Clerk to contact Anglian Water

b) Mr Mann had received reports of noise from the blower at the side of Favor Parker. This will be raised at the Liaison Committee meeting on 13th September

c) Mr Mann had also received reports of noise from K Plant vehicles using High Street and Lynn Road early in the morning. K Plant to be approached to ask if they can assist by using an alternative route.

d) It had been reported that access is being restricted at Great Mans Way to the charity land. Clerk to contact the County Council regarding the right of way. Mr Mycock will also contact them as a trustee of the charity land.

e) Mr Patterson pointed out that the grass cutting on the playing field was not up to standard. Clerk to contact Country Grounds Maintenance. Mr Mycock asked the members of the public present if they had any other business. The following points were raised.

f) Lime Kiln Lane sign missing

g) A fine spray near the village hall from the factory needs to be investigated. This will be raised at the liaison committee meeting

h) Under age drinking still of some concern

i) Concern was expressed that there has not been a full Council for some considerable time.

j) It was pointed out that the youth club no longer seems to be in operation.

k) Discussion of the new part of the cemetery. It was suggested that it would be better not to have separate parts for different denominations.

Meeting closed 8.40pm

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