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Community Education Development

December 2002

The Wissey Valley gets a new community worker

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself in my new position as community education development worker. My name is Chris Hollier; I have lived in Stoke Ferry for twelve years after having moved to the area from West London with my family. I inherited the job from John Preston who had been in post for nearly two years.

The project is intended to develop further learning for all members of the community and includes hobbies and leisure as well as academic learning. It is funded by a partnership of Lifelong Learning, Adult Education, Youth and community service and James Bradfield School. The intentions are to help people with basic needs skills (numeracy, literacy etc), introduce further education classes for academic skills such as computer literacy and provide a range of leisure & recreation opportunities.

Projects currently underway include an Active Dads group, which are undertaking training in outdoor skills with their children. This course will run during the New Year over six sessions covering all manner of safety and survival skills, culminating in a weekend camp after Easter.

There is also a Computers For The Terrified course starting in early January for those who fear the 'on' switch but would like some basic knowledge. This will run for eight weeks and there are still a few places left.

The Youth Club is due to re-start after a period of some months with new staff and some different activities. My post will allow me to arrange all the administration for the club as well as helping out at some of the sessions.

Some of you who have visited the school during the past months may have been aware of the changes to the courtyard just inside the community entrance. This area is now dedicated to the Gardening Club, which was started in June. It is available to all and will be reopened for planting in early spring. I will include further details of how anybody can get involved in a future issue of The Pump.

As you can see from the above, my remit is very flexible and designed to be community led rather than dictated by county hail. If you have any interests or want to learn more about any subject then please contact me on the number at the end of this article and I will endeavour to help. I can usually be found at the school on Tuesdays or messages can be left in my pigeonhole in the community centre foyer.

To fulfil my function I need all different members of the community from 2 to 102 to talk to me and let me know what they want. We have the facility to use and can often find the money; all we need now is your ideas!

Chris Hollier - 07721 070879

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