River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Story So Far

November 2002

Chapter Eight

Les has a date with destiny, alias Anne's Mother, who he has discovered is relatively wealthy, which is more than he is. Share and share alike has long been his philosophy, will Mother think the same? Les reflects on the old saying, 'When the hour cometh so does the Man'.

A drink in his hand, an attractive Woman by his side, even if she was much older than he was, Les again reflected for a moment, just how much older was she than him. Come August he would be nineteen. Mother had to be in her early forties; even so life on the farm at that moment seemed a long way off. As he took another sip from his glass Les cast an appreciative look at Anne's Mother sitting by his side. Surely his thoughts should be with his beloved Anne but that was the future, now was the present. 'Mrs Bentley' proffered Les, but he was quickly interrupted, 'please call me Betty' suggested Anne's Mother, somewhat provocatively, 'and please let me top your glass up'. A mental check and Les decided things so far were going very much to plan. But he knew that he must watch his drinking. a clear head was called for. Fun and games may well be on the cards for later, but business first. Make a success now and why couldn't he come back for more.

'The reason I wanted to see you Betty' and, as he spoke, he was disappointed by the nervousness in his voice. But then he was very much on new ground and, for all he knew, his companion may well not have been, he decided somewhat ungentlemanly. 'Betty, I just wondered if you could help me?' enquired Les as yet again he was more than aware he was sailing in uncharted waters. Another sip from his glass and with his confidence slightly restored he took the plunge. Did Anne tell you I have been offered a job but I must have a car?' Betty was thoughtful for a moment before suggesting, 'Well what's the problem and how can I help?' 'It's a question of finance. I need £1000 and I just haven't got it. I just wondered if you could lend me the money? It's a good job and the pay is good so I could soon pay you back', observed Les, glancing anxiously towards her. 'Well now this requires careful thought. What will my Husband think if he finds out I'm lending money to a young man?' countered Betty, somewhat mischievously.

Placing his now empty glass on the small table by the side of the settee, it didn't escape Les's attention that Betty's dress had somehow inadvertently found itself not doing the job it was designed for. And Les, ungallant as ever, quickly decided that even if Betty was no longer in the flush of youth she certainly had legs that many a younger woman would willingly die for. 'How do you propose to pay me back?' enquired Betty, reminding him that nothing in this world was for free. 'And if I lend you the money I shall make the rules'. 'Don't worry Betty I will pay you back so much each month, and with the interest', stumbled Les, by now somewhat out of his depth. And that was something Betty was more than aware of. She was now completely in charge and her authority showed. Les's youth and inexperience was about to be put to the test. 'Of course I could give you the money' advised Betty,' stroking his thigh as she did so. Leaning over she gentle kissed him on the cheek and holding his hand she glided him through the inviting bedroom door. The first payment was now due and Les knew this Lady would want value for money, and maybe some interest as well.

Les Lawrence

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