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Runnin' On

November 2002

More of Janet's thoughts

It seems ages since I wrote my previous Runnin' on but I have started to get a list going of things that I would probably have forgotten otherwise. Mind you if I lose my list it will mean racking the old brain to see if there is anything even remotely interesting stored there. I think my brain is probably in the floppy disc area these days, even supposing a floppy could survive in that very relaxed place.

Each morning, well to be honest, each dry morning, I go round the outside window ledges wiping off the dust and dewdrops. This gives me time to check the garden, plan my day and have a leisurely start.

There are always a few dead insects to dispose of but one day I came across a spider trying to collect a fly that had become entangled in a web. A wasp had noticed the fly too and he was prepared to rescue it, I watched fascinated as the wasp started to disentangle the fly. The spider made several brave attempts to keep his breakfast but to no avail. With one final tug the wasp tore the fly from the now very tatty web and flew away with his trophy.

I carried on with my window sill wiping, quite relieved that Mr T and I have different favourite breakfast cereals, no early morning scraps for us. I do have to give Toby the cat some of my Albran though, he's waiting for his share as soon as he hears me getting my cereal dish from the cupboard!

From our kitchen window we can watch the garden birds as they enjoy the fat balls, the peanuts and the coconut that hang in their feeding tree, we spend many happy hours and the birds get more attention than the washing up does sometimes. I reckon our sink is in the best place, the birds amuse us while we work.

One morning Brian called me to watch a wren having a bath, not in the bird bath but on the dew soaked lawn. The wren was rubbing itself around in the grass, when all the feathers were wet, a very good shake and wing flapping were followed by a thorough check. The wren used its beak to adjust its feathers and then flew off.

I don't know how long we were watching the wren, only a few seconds I suppose, I wish we'd had the chance to film it but we both saw it so we know it really happened. Another special memory to cherish.

We had a holiday in Menorca last month and one of its highlights was a day out with friends, of course the two men were walking ahead of us "girls", when I spotted a Husky dog. I really thought I was imaging it, the fur wasn't fluffed up, obviously, it was too hot in Menorca for that, but the eyes were definitely Husky eyes.

The man with the lovely dog laughed at my amazement, "Yes, yes, Husky dog", and the he told me the dog was called "Nanna" at least that's what it sounded like. Nanna was very well behaved and offered me a paw to shake. You could have knocked me down with feather! After a few more pats and lots of strokes, my new pal and I shook hand and paw for a reluctant "Goodbye". Further along the seafront we saw another Husky, this one was mostly black, I began to wonder if the sun was getting to me. Fortunately my friend was a witness to my special holiday treat, so I have someone to back my story up.

Janet Tilburn

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