River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Story So Far

October 2002

Chapter Seven

An eventful day is coming to a close and as it does Les has much to reflect on. The relationship with Anne seems to be going from strength to strength but it is her Mother who's initial appearance gave him cause for concern, but who now seems to be attracting his attention.

'Come on then lets hear all about it!' It was Les's pal Stan who had joined him at their own watering hole, the Social Club, for their Sunday lunch time usual session. 'You look as if you have won the pools' observed Stan, 'enjoyable night was it?' That was enough for Les to open the floodgates as he subjected his pal to a blow-by-blow account of the previous nights proceedings. It seemed to Les that it was only common courtesy that compelled him to inquire as to how Stan spent his evening but honestly forced him to conclude that he had to move on.

Last night had come and gone it was the future that mattered. Les didn't need reminding that tomorrow was Monday, which meant only one thing; back to the farm and the little financial reward that it brought. If he was to have the life style he wanted he needed the necessary to finance it and he now knew where he might get it. Yes but how? Les had to take Stan into his confidence. Anne's Mother had money and he wanted some of it.

Replenishing Stan's glass, Les posed a question, "How do I go about it?" Little wonder he held his friend in such high regard, because Stan's reply was instant. Les sat there and listened spellbound to a course of action that had, he confessed, already started to formulate in his own mind. It was now as if he was hearing a second opinion and he didn't need to be told twice when his friend suggested that no time should be lost in implementing the plan of action. Finishing work late Monday afternoon, Les headed for the village phone box; few people had their own private line and his parents certainly couldn't afford one.

Anne's mother answered his call at once. She was quick to point out that Anne was not yet home from work but that she knew that Anne was going out that evening because she heard her say that she would be leaving at about 7pm. Les knew the shift pattern at the Sugar Beet Factory and it looked very much as if Anne's Father would also not be at home. The coast was beginning to look very clear indeed. 'No that's all right," said Les. "I didn't really want to see Anne, I wanted to see you if I may" suggested Les somewhat nervously. He seemed pleasantly surprised by the tone of her voice when she responded. 'That's fine, come over by all means. Yes 7-3Opm, that's ok, I look forward to seeing you'. Replacing the receiver Les paused for a moment's reflection. Something told him he could well be on to a winner here, so what if Anne's Mother was years older than he was? He had a mission; and when money was at stake, what are a few years between friends.

Socially he was not noticed for his punctuality but for Les this was business and dead on the dot at precisely 7-3Opm he presented himself at Anne's parents home. 'Do come in' said Anne's mum and one look told him that Mother had gone to just a little bit of trouble with her appearance and Les was reasonable impressed by what he saw. 'You have just missed Anne. She left some twenty minutes ago' and Les noticed there was no trace of apology in her voice. 'Take a seat on the settee' and as he did so Mother somewhat quickly joined him, handing him a large whisky in the process. The night was young, and Les concluded, so was he...

Les Lawrence

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