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Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting

October 2002

Minutes of the July meeting

PRESENT: Chairman, Mr. Mycock, & Messrs, Ward, Paterson, Bonnett and Mrs. Leamon, plus four members of the public and a representative for the EDP.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Manley (B.C.) and Mrs. Lewis.

MINUTES of previous meeting read and signed as a true record.


1. Parking at All Saints House still bad, although two letters had been sent to Community officer Mr. Smith plus several attempts to contact by telephone, no response had been forthcoming. In future a copy of letters sent to Mr. Smith to be forwarded to Cllr T.Manley.

2. Still outstanding highway repairs, copy of letters also to be sent to Mr. T.Manley.

3. Hedge at 41 Buckingham Drive still not cut.


There had been one applicant for the vacancy of parish councillor, Mr. M.Mann, and he was duly voted onto the parish council.


1. Borough Council granted permission for Favor Parker re garage to shower area.

2. Borough Council granted planning permission for alteration to All Saints Church

3. Parish Council agreed to extension to Parry's Chip Shop.

4. Parish Council agreed to Mrs. Smith Oak Road, conservatory.

5. Parish Council agreed to Conditioning of top soil British Sugar..

6. Parish Council agreed to White, Buckenham Drive, Utility extension,

Mrs. Leamon and Mr. White, stated vested interest.


Grass Cutting £581.67, Advert charge, £11.00, External Auditor £310.91, Internal audit £15.00,

Hire of classroom £8.80, Clerk's 5 months salary and expenses £578.97.

Passed for payment, proposed Mr. White, 2nd Mr. Bonnett.


1. Highways wrote to say that their engineer would investigate any necessary repairs. Reference our query regarding yellow lines along High Street, they stated that County Council policy is to only provide waiting restrictions if parking is considered hazardous, they also wished to know if community officer had undertaken any enforcement in this respect. To write again to Highways and also send copy of letter to Mr. T.Manley

2. Mr. M. Mann wrote and asked to be considered for council vacancy.

3. Acknowledgement and thanks from CAP for £10 donation.

4. Mott MacDonald gave notice of Local Safety scheme on Bl160/C872, causing some disturbance.

5. District Audit, Plymouth, appointed for Stoke Ferry.

6. County Grounds Maintenance wrote asking if Stoke Ferry happy with services provided, questionnaire completed.

7. Minutes of Liaison Committee Favor Parker.

8. Parish Clerk, Mrs. M. Dunkley gave notice as from 31/8/2002 due to relocation.

9. Mrs. V.Negus of Shouldham wrote, applying for the position of Parish Clerk Councillors to meet her on 17th July.


1. There were still sixty-five jubilee mugs to be ordered for the remainder of the village children. .

2. To request Rev.Tufnell to consecrate new cemetery ground.

3. Seat behind village sign has lost three sections; broken end needs removing.

4. Write to planning re Ferry Stores, still not complying with planning.

5. Street Lighting, Manor Rd. Broken cover on No.6 pole.

6. Concern felt because af fence removed from the quarry edge by owners of the Dell.


Public concern felt at the amount of underage drinking in village, older aged children buying for the younger.

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