River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Runnin' On

October 2002

A housewife's thoughts

Leafing through a magazine recently I saw a double spread advertisement in full colour. A sandy beach scene filled both pages; the sand was covered with sunbathers on bright towels. I sat for some moments admiring the sunbathers' swimsuits and towels. At first I thought that no two towels were alike, then I spotted an exception, one of the sunbathers had been photographed on two different towels.

I sat for quite a while hoping to find another repetition but there were none among the other sunbather's clothes, magazines, beach games or sunshades. I realised that I had finished my breakfast then so shutting the book I made a start on my "Home Duties." *

While I was leading the vacuum cleaner, his name is Henry, around the house I started to wonder what on earth the two-page beach scene had been advertising. I didn't cheat; I finished the housework, called "Coffee up" to Brian and put the kettle on. Its no good waiting until the coffee is ready and then calling him, he'd never get a hot drink.

By this time I really had to find out just what had been the point of all those sunbathers, when I opened the magazine, there were all the sun worshippers, and there too was a bright red Ford Ka! I only hope other people saw the point faster than I did, I think the variety of sunbathers were just so interesting!

I would love to know if the sales for Fords went up. The advert did remind me that I could be doing with a new sunbathing top!

* Home Duties was a title given to me by an official when as an R.A.F. wife living in Singapore, I had a Chinese girl to do all the housework and cooking too. When I had to fill in a form for a local government official, he wouldn't let me put "Housewife" in the occupation section. I was stumped for a title so he said Home Duties would be appropriate!

Janet Tilburn

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