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Pumping You For The Last Time

October 2002

Graham Forster makes his final appeal for younger writers

Pump readers are probably becoming tired of reading that we need to have more contributors to our excellent magazine. This is my final plea.

As I have said before, if we have no new writers, eventually the Pump will die. We really need some bright younger people (of whom there are plenty in these villages) to supply articles that may appeal to the younger set. Do we older people try to get the young'uns to read the magazine? May be they are unaware that it exists. If they are aware, what would they like to see in the Pump or if they are totally apathetic, why are they so? Please write to the editor and tell us how we go about recruiting new writers.

Thank you for reading this final entreaty from me. It is important to so many readers to keep the Pump going. It is, by far, the best village magazine that I have come across and it would be criminal to let it gradually fade away over the years. Any suggestions, articles or whatever, please contact Ray Thompson - he is most approachable and is eager to talk to you.

Graham Forster

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