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Letters to the Editor

October 2002

Coping with changes and times of change

Dear Ray,

I have been having a few changes. I have been to one or two outings and done one or two different things and got over the depression I was in over shortage of cash. I have looked at the situation a different way through the help of my man at the Salvation Army. I admit I haven't followed his instructions to the letter, but it has put me at ease with being short. I have found another way round it! Yes I am still short but I had to be for this once to get myself out of running an empty freezer every fortnight. So, I had a home delivery to compensate and paid the monthly bills out of one fortnights money instead of two. But through doing this I should be able to cope.

My best test was going with friends and neighbours from Stowbridge to Hunstanton and Sandringham with only £13 in my pocket. I managed some rock and nougat and a water pistol for my neighbour's children. So, I think if I can manage on that small amount for one day, when I sort out my fortnights money it should be a doddle.

I am pleased to tell you at last I have met my friend Les; or should I put it properly and say Mr. Lawrence. And it did make a difference meeting someone whom I used to meet when I lived in Stoke Ferry. Some people ask me if I miss Stoke Ferry. Yes, of course I do, but I did make the right decision even though some people may disagree. Well, as I say, I have had a few knocks since I have move to town and a few disappointments. Some people have let me down; but out of that there are the ones who made up for my loss.

I was disappointed to hear on the news about the bodies of the two girls being found. I couldn't understand why the bodies were not identified earlier; what if the police got it wrong and they are not the girls that went missing?

From time to time I visit some of my friends in Stoke Ferry. So in fact, by writing to the Village Pump, I am keeping everyone informed of how I am getting on and what set-backs I have experienced.

That's all for this time. Your friend as always,


Dear Carers and friends

These are times of change for the Carers Project and our managing body, The Association of Voluntary Organisations (AVO).

During the month of September the AVO will close and will open again during October registered as a Council for Voluntary Services (CVS).

During this period a new director and new staff will be appointed. The Office will be reorganised and a new organisation established.

Carol Anderson, the AVO director and Brenda Barker, the Co-ordinator of the Volunteer Bureau will retire. Our best wishes go to both of them as they give up the reins after many years of service with the AVO.

To help the transition, the offices will be closed during September for refurbishing and reorganisation. All our operations including calls to the office will be suspended during September.

The Carers Retreat Coffee Bar will not open during September. Please do not attend on any Tuesday morning in September.

Our new autumn programme will start again during October and I will write to you to explain all the new details for the Corers Project.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the enclosed papers and will complete the transport questionnaire, which is also endorsed.

Thank you for your help and support during this time of change.

Sincerely yours,

David Hall www.westnorfolkcarers.org.uk

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