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October 2002

The end of the summer leaves pointless posters

Hello again,

Well folks, that was it - summer I mean. Now we are into autumn, the time of 'mists and mellow fruitfulness'. If you are like me, it is also the time to start that long awaited overhaul of the garden. Shrubs to be pruned, bulbs to be planted, and container plants to be prepared for their winter storage; will it ever end? Whilst engaged in all these active pursuits, please give a thought to your magazine contributors. Graham Forster elsewhere in this edition tables his final Pumping Plea. I won't repeat his request but fully endorse his views. But how about giving a thought to your Gardener's Corner provider? Ruthe Gray gives us advice every month but no one ever goes back to her, either to comment on her article or, to suggest a topic for future "Corners". Come on all you budding gardeners; give Ruthe a bell and discuss your particular needs. Her telephone number is 01366 328941.

On the subject of tidying up, perhaps someone can tell me why event notices remain in place long after the event they advertise. Today, the 17th September, I have seen two large signs advertising the Stoke Ferry Harvest Fayre, which took place on 7th September. Recently I have seen signs advertising "Car Boot This Sunday" a week after the event. The poor old punter doesn't know what to believe. I would guess that several would be "booters" went to West Dereham Community centre on the second Sunday of the last two months!

And whilst on my tidying-up whinge, can anyone tell me why a team of contractors have spent the past few weeks vandalising the verges of our local roads? Why on earth would five men (one on the JCB, one on the lorry, two on the traffic control boards and one on the roller) spend what must be thousands of pounds of our Community Charge to literally rip up the roadside? It would not be so bad if the job were done properly; but in some areas only part of the grass verge has been removed whereas in others it has been taken back to bedrock. I have no doubt that the West Norfolk Borough Council had some good idea in mind; perhaps they could share it with us?

To end on a happier note, I am delighted to report that we are regularly seeing a "Shag" fishing in the Great Ouse Relief Channel. He is rather nervous and flies off at the slightest noise, but if you approach quietly you will be granted a magnificent demonstration of diving and underwater food gathering. I doubt that he will go hungry; the Relief Channel appears to be teeming with small fish. To further make our daily walks more pleasant, we are regularly greeted by the shrill cry of the green woodpeckers, who have appeared to make the banks of the channel their home, and get dive bombed by the late-comer martins hastily gathering their fuel before the long journey home. Our only disappointments over recent weeks have been the absence of the deer and our lovely golden foxes. I have no doubt they will be back once they get hungry.

Ray Thompson

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