River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Another Day Out In Norfolk

September 2002

Er, Suffolk

On Sunday August 11th, we set out for Rickinghall which is just over the county border in Suffolk. We drove across country, finally going through the beautiful villages of North and South Lopham, Redgrave and Botesdale. Our destination was the Annual veteran Car and Motorcycle Rally.

We arrive to discover that the car parking was well-organised and that it was obviously a very popular event. The admission charge was only £3 with which you received an informative 24-page programme. Also, to our surprise, it was not just a Motoring Rally. There was a main ring in which there were gymnastic displays, dog agility teams, marching bands, children's races and so on. As well as this, there were about fifty stalls selling all manner of things together with games like 'bowling the ball'. Pony rides were also available and a country and western band played all day long. Kiddies were well catered for with a Punch and Judy stall being the main attraction. And you certainly couldn't go thirsty or hungry with home made snacks and tea being served all day long, plus a fish and chip stall, burger bar, ice cream vans and a beer tent.

There were over 300 motoring exhibits. A half of which were cars, a quarter military and commercial vehicles and the remainder motor-cycles. The oldest exhibits were a 1916 Dodge open tourer and a 1913 Marshal Lily motor-bike. They were all in immaculate condition and it was very nostalgic seeing again an Austin A35, in which I passed my driving test, and a Singer Flying 9, the second car that I owned. It would be impossible to pick out any particular vehicle but the Dodge 3.5 litre Tourer (a Bonnie & Clyde car) will stay long in my memory. It was the most fascinating couple of hours going round admiring and examining these beautiful cars and bikes, and with all the other attractions, it was an amazingly well-spent £3.

We were a little sad to leave because it had been a most enjoyable day. The organisation was incredibly good, and it was nice to know that all money raised would be going to local charities. This had been the 25th Rally and already I am looking forward to the 26th. I would certainly urge you to mark the date in your diary for next year once the day is announced.

Graham Forster

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