River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Empty Space

August 2002

A poem of loving memory

I shed a tearBecause my eyes can no longer see themThere's a lump in my throatBecause I can no longer speak to themA deafening silenceBecause my ears no longer hear their voices and their laughterAn ache in my heartAt the empty space around me their passing has left

But each day a memory makes me smileAnd dries away the tearsI talk about themAnd my voice becomes stronger each time I doI remember the way they would speak to me, yes and moan at me,And in my mind I hear their voices stillAnd I realise the ache in my heart is not the pain of emptinessBut the pain of being so full with their loveThat was given to me while they livedAnd I didn't always realise

In my mind they live foreverAnd the empty space no longer there

Ray Garrett

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