River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Runnin' On

August 2002

The weather's so good, we could be on holiday

We thought you might like a line from our little paradise, its too hot to sunbathe ourselves all over, so we have legs in the sun and heads in the shade.

The swifts are doing sorties over our heads, screaming in unison as they wheel and come around again. No direct hits from them so far, no doubt they will be sent back to bombing school shortly.

The Ice-Cream Man cometh too, a limited choice of choc ices or frozen Mars Bars. We are well pleased though, after all we are a bit off the beaten track. We do our level beat to eat our cool treats before they melt.

A local cat joins us and flops down under our sun loungers, too hot to give himself any more than a lick and a promise, he stretches himself languidly and goes to sleep.

We try to decide on our evening's entertainment, shall we have a leisurely stroll or visit the nearest town for a sun downer and supper? It's all a bit of an effort, so we decide to wait until later on to make up our minds, we are as idle as the cat is!

Overhead a small plane drones slowly across the sky, a nice distraction until a fighter jet screams into our quiet day. Bang goes our illusion that we are on holiday with R.A.F. Marham's interruption, until that happened we'd almost kidded ourselves that we were on a sun drenched island, then to top it all, Brian brings me right back to reality by asking, "What's for tea then?"

Janet Tilburn

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