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Letters to the Editor

August 2002

Lynn News correspondent, legal aid and the Pump's purpose

Dear Editor,

I have recently taken on the role of Stoke Ferry correspondent for the Lynn News. My brief is to report on whatever is going on in the village that is newsworthy and ranges from the proceedings of parish council meetings to events such as the Harvest Fayre and (if requested) writing obituaries. In other words, the whole spectrum of life in a busy village.

Like any other reporter, I am only as good as my sources, so if readers of The Village Pump know of any local groups, activities or events that would be of interest to the wider world or would benefit from the oxygen of publicity, they should contact me at the address below or by phone or fax. I would be delighted to hear from them.

Yours faithfully

Marion Clarke (01366) 501 032

Dear Ray,

Along with the press, I have been astounded to hear that Brendan Fearon has obtained £5,000 of legal aid to sue Tony Martin for loss of earnings because of the injuries Martin inflicted on him when he broke into his Emneth farmhouse nearly two years ago. As far as I have been able to discover, the man never worked anyway and spent his life in and out of jail.

But this granting of legal aid is a joke - a bad one at that. The Legal Aid Board state that there is nothing wrong with this whilst Robin Cook, the leader of the House of Commons admit that he is totally baffled by it. When pressed as to why he does nothing about it, he declares that the Legal Aid Board had certain powers devolved to it and that then was out of the Government's hands. Well, if the Board makes such crass decisions, surely the Government should step in and reorganise their parameters.

In Australia, the law states that no person can place a charge against an offended person if he or she is the offender, and this makes total sense to me. I am pleased though to see that Tony martin is counter-claiming for the stress and trauma suffered at the break-in of his farmhouse. However, the losers in all this are you and I who, by way of taxation, fund the Legal Aid Board.

Graham Forster

Dear Ray,

As an avid reader, occasional contributor and great supporter of the Village Pump, I must say I am slightly confused as to the purpose of the Pump. Is it meant to be a sounding board for the Community, an information source or just light reading for the smallest room.

I say this because it is very obvious that the Pump is supported in terms of articles by a small number of enthusiastic and dedicated people. I thoroughly enjoy their articles, but I am concerned that there would appear to be only a minority of people who are prepared to put their pen to paper.

If the Pump is to be a true reflection of the Community and its views, we really do need a cross section from the village to be contributing and possibly being contentious. By way of this letter I would make a request to all readers to overcome their shyness and put pen to paper. We have a vibrant village with I am sure plenty of enthusiastic people. Let's hear your views, fears and thoughts!

Best regards,

Brian R Harrison

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