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Guide Garden

August 2002

A new play area for the Stoke Ferry Brownies

For several months the Feltwell Guides have been working hard to create a garden out of a wasteland; the purpose of this was to create a safe play area for the Stoke Ferry Brownies. It is now finished.

To open this garden the Brownies held a party and invited all the Guides to attend and a great thank you to them for it.

The garden itself was transformed from chest high brambles to a lawn and flowerbeds. The garden has a recycled theme as most of its contents from the rockery to the flowerpots, were found among the brambles or propped up along the wall. I believe that a local nursery donated many of the plants and a local turf company supplied the grass.

You can find the garden just behind Stoke Ferry village hall.

I am told the Brownies will now take over the general maintenance of the garden.

A big 'Well Done' to the First Feltwell Guide group.

Elinor Tuffnell

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