River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Suicide Bombers

July 2002

Would you live in Palestine?

I have been absolutely amazed at the amount of controversy that Cherie Blair's remarks concerning suicide bombers, have caused. She said - "Young Palestinians feel that they have got no hope but to blow themselves up." Well, is not that the exact case?

Fundamental to the human psyche is the will to live. This only starts self-destructing when circumstances become so intolerable that the person feels that it is not worth carrying on living. The future for young Palestinians must seem very much like this. Their future is bleak with no possible promise of any way to improve their lot. I fully understand why these youngsters take their own lives, and so does Mrs Blair, and so do most people that I talk to. So why all the fuss? It couldn't be the Jewish lobby might get upset, could it? And wasn't it typical of Michael Ancram of the Tories jumping on the bandwagon? Let's face it, if they didn't take a pot at every possible minor indiscretion that New Labour make, they would be completely silent.

Returning to Cherie Blair, I am glad that she said what she did, after all it is undoubtedly true. What upsets me, is that she made an apology. Let us all hope that the United Nations can work to sort out this Middle East problem. To do this, there will be concessions to be made and prejudices to be dropped, but it must happen and work should start as quickly as is humanly possible.

Graham Forster

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