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Investment's Bad News

July 2002

Les loses and muses his shares in the bankrupt Fisher Foods

It has not been all good news on the Methwold Front recently. Most readers will have heard that Fisher Foods appear to have got problems, or more correctly the parent company, Albert Fisher has. On a personal note this seems to have left me with a problem, namely that having had some £1500 of their shares it could be good-bye to my cash.

It would appear I have a number of options; I could shoot myself, but as I haven't got a gun this could prove to be rather difficult. I could take my long suffering Wife out for a meal and I could get drunk. Maybe I could take someone else's Wife out to Dinner and get even more drunk and in even bigger trouble. I could ask my friends to bale me out, but will they want to part with £750 each! I haven't got any money hardly any friends; my God it's a sad old world.

So what does all of this tell me? And it's just one thing; it's a damn sight better to be successful than to be a failure. This is why I keep on about you can't beat winning. Don't tell me about the losers, I've got enough problems of my own. No I'm not feeling sorry for myself. The only people I have anytime for are such as a friend of mine who's been in Lynn Hospital for the last eight months. These are the people that matter, those of us fortunate enough to have our health should thank God for that and start doing something to make where we live a better place.

I'm sure we are all the same at the end of the day we all want to win and I'm convinced we can do just that if we want to, but we won't. And I don't make any apology for going back to this. We shall never get anywhere until we turn that damn TV off and start sitting down together and planning our future. I get a little bit fed up at times when we don't all work together as a team, and I can't help feeling there is one word responsible for that and it's that word Jealousy. How well I remember the day, my God here we go again, when we hadn't got two pennies to rub together. Then we got on a lot better than we do today. We were all equal, no one better off than anyone else, or could it be I'm just dreaming?

It's a good job I've only lost £1500; what sort of article would this have been if I had lost £10000? I know how I can get my money back. I'll write a best seller, which I will do, but first I must watch 'Home and Away'. How I wish I could act as good as Alf.

Les Lawrence

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