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July 2002

More good ideas for the reluctant environmentalist

Question: What's the link between your car and a hurricane?

Answer: Global warming.

Cars are responsible for a fifth of the UK's CO2 emissions and the average car produces 4.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. So what can we do? Cars do seem to be essential in country areas but we can use public transport when possible. Also is every trip necessary? We can slow down. We use 25% less fuel (25% less emissions) by driving at 50mph rather than 70mph. I have just bought a fuel catalyst for my car that should cut my fuel consumption by up to 40%. I'll let you know whether it lives up to its promise in a few months time.

Engine oil is very toxic. One gallon of waste oil can contaminate 1 million gallons of water but every year in this country 13,000 tonnes of engine oil are dumped or poured down the drain. Many petrol stations and all garages should collect engine oil for recycling but if you can't find somewhere to take your oil try phoning the Oil Bank on 0800 663 366, give them your post code and they will give you a list of local oil recycling points.

Finally when considering buying a car we can also make fuel efficiency an important part of our choice. (We've just sold our Land Rover and bought something more efficient!)

Happy motoring and please keep your ideas or comments coming in to Tuffnell@aol.com.

Nigel Tuffnell

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