War Memorial Gary Trouton


July 2002

Flies, sport, Fisher Foods and the crossword

Well here we are once more with the best mixed bag of weather seen for a great many years. June weather has varied from the tremendous thunderstorms in the middle of the month, through a miniature heat wave to torrential rain. No wonder we British find the weather such a wonderful topic of conversation. How much bearing has this climatic variation had on the plague of flies currently invading Stoke Ferry? The Borough Council's Environmental Health Officers are investigating but need to determine the scope of the infestation. So far, most reports are coming from the south of the village, but without more detailed feedback an accurate footprint cannot be confirmed. If these flies plague you, ring the editor and tell him so that we can then get a better view of the spread.

And through all this climatic variation our spirits have alternatively been raised and lowered by our sporting gladiators on the cricket and football fields and in the boxing ring. As I write this, England are still in the Football World Cup; by the time you read it you will know the outcome. Win or lose against Brazil, the lads have done us proud. What a pity that once again our exploits have been hampered somewhat by the various injuries to key players? Is this the result of inadequate training, inappropriate footwear, too much Premiership football or just bad luck?

On a more serious front I am delighted to see that there is a strong possibility that the Fisher Food factory in King's Lynn is to be bought by their near neighbours Frigoscandia and the Belgium based Pinguin; the former taking on the site and the latter the plant. Isn't it odd that a Belgium company has faith in a King's Lynn based company whereas none of the equivalent UK companies seemed to care a hoot? Let us hope and pray that the deal goes through and we avoid both the decay of the industrial park sitting at the southern gateway to King's Lynn and the savage job losses created by the collapse of the Fisher Group.

Discerning readers will note that Sybil Baxter has won the June prize crossword again! (I have threatened to hide her pencil, next month) Would you believe that she submitted one of only two correct solutions? Of the other seven or eight entries submitted, compilers got mixed up between their resins and their rosins! I cannot believe that out of a readership approaching 750, we can only persuade a dozen people to attempt to win the prize so generously donated by the Corner Shop. Come on you puzzlers; give it a go!

Finally, you will note contributions in this month's magazine from several new contributors. Please keep up the good work. The more variety we have the better the end product.

Ray Thompson

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