River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Stoke Ferry and District Ladies Group

June 2002

Minutes from the April and May meetings

The April meeting was attended by 35 members. Apologies were received from S Rosser Nye, A Hudson, and D Eves. 150.00 pounds was raised for the Meningitis Trust.

Our speaker for the evening was Mrs. J Russell who gave us a talk on Decoupage, she them got all the member that were interested to have a go themselves and we all ended up making cards and so members were quite hooked on the idea. Mrs. C Thurlbourne thanked Mrs. Russell.

Birthday posies were made and presented by Mrs. M Clark. A special birthday arrangement was made to Mrs. G Hills as she celebrated her 80th birthday.

Raffle winners were Mrs. J Newell & Mrs. M Bugg.

The May meeting was very well attended plus 4 visitors. Apologies were received from Mrs. T Daly and Mrs. M Sutton.

Thank you letter received from The Meningitis Trust.

Thank you letter received from Northwold W.I. for the W.I. china we gave to them since we are no longer a W.I. also inviting our members to a garden party they are holding in August.

Our speaker for the evening was Mrs. J Burns who gave us a very interesting talk about her holiday in Jordan , how she went to the lost city of Petra and slept out in the desert with just a blanket for warmth. Also her ride on the camel and a visit to the Dead Sea. Mrs. Burns was thanked by Mrs. M Clark.

Birthday Posies were made and presented by Mrs. C Thurlbourne.

Raffle won by Mrs. G Hills.

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