River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Hoarder, hoarder!

June 2002

What's in your fridge?

Recently, we offered to clear out the two fridges that our daughter and son-in-law have, as they were going away. To our surprise, we found lots of little pots of various left-overs, in various states of colour and decay - how long had they been there? It got me to wondering why she should do this, and then it clicked. We do exactly the same!

We grew up during the war years when one of the great government slogans was - "Waste not, want not". Any food that was left at the end of the meal was recycled in some way - I remember some amazing bubble-and-squeaks and fry-ups. In those days, few people had refrigerators, so re-cooking was the only option - and food choice and availability was nothing like it is today.

Even today, I hate any sort of waste, especially food. We have a friend who sums up our situation about left-overs when she stays - "Shall I throw this away or shall I put it in the fridge to go green!" The answer will continue to be no doubt - "Put it in the fridge, please".

Graham Forster

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