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Green Living

June 2002


When you or someone close to you is expecting a baby the environment is not likely to be the first thing on your mind. But if that baby is to be able to grow up into a world worth living in then we should be thinking ahead. So here are a few ideas that can make caring for a baby better for the environment and often better for your pocket too.

1. Use second-hand baby clothes from friends and second hand shops. Pass them on again when you're finished with them.

2. Use re-useable nappies instead of or as well as disposable nappies. There are all sorts of re-useable nappies on the market from the old fashioned terry nappies that you fold to specially designed fitted ones with liners etc.. If you don't know where to get them I have friends that use these nappies with their baby so please write or give me a ring.

3. Formula baby milks require preparation and packaging. Hence breast when possible is far better for the environment and may be better for the baby too.

Finally, thank you for some further advice following the article on environmentally friendly household cleaning. If you are having trouble obtaining cheap sodium bicarbonate to clear blocked sinks I know that many chemists sell it in 500g boxes and that many supermarkets sell boxes of sodium carbonate (washing soda) that will work just as well. It was also suggested to me that caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) available from the chemist, would work even better, even turning the fat in blocking the sink into soap. This may be true but it is dangerous, spitting hot corrosive liquid out of the sink, so if you do decide to use caustic soda please be careful!

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Revd Nigel Tuffnell

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