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A Question of Knowledge

June 2002

Les glazes over another topic

One of the things that never cease to amaze me is that when it comes to the crunch nobody seems to know anything! If you are talking about nothing in particular, and let's face it most conversations are just that, you find experts are ten a penny. Recently we have been having more than our usual problems with Condensation. We have always had some problems but not as bad as recently for some reason.

When my Wife and I go for a walk through our Village, which we frequently do, by the way just to digress for a moment, I find not every man takes his wife for a walk. Some of them take their dogs. This leads me to ask the question, 'What do they do with their Wives?' Leave them at home? If ever it came to the point that I had to decide whether to take a dog or my Wife for a walk I could soon settle that one. After all, how would you like to be locked up in a kennel all day? Anyway, walking through the Village, my Wife and I have been staring at people's windows noticing whether they had got condensation problems. How we managed to get away with that I don't know. When we did ask why they hadn't got any condensation, all sorts of answers came flooding back. A somewhat attractive young Lady, yes I agree no story would be complete without one, quietly drew me aside one day and said, 'You should have a De-Humidifier'. Little did she know I had that operation years ago!

Eventually it seemed to us that our problem was that we had secondary double-glazing, which we have had for years. The chequebook had to come out; new up-to-date double-glazing was called for. A quick phone call and our ever helpful Salesman would be only too pleased to see, not just me, but my Wife as well. You see I have always been extremely popular so all of this came as no surprise to me. No, it wasn't my money he was after! I'm no fool you know, I can judge these things. Our friend duly arrived at 2-3Opm as he said he would and he found our company so wonderful he didn't want to leave, and he didn't until about 8-3Opm. Unfortunately for him without an order!

We wanted to know, 'How much will it Cost' and I'm not sure to this day if we ever found out. Another phone call to another Company, a visit by their Salesman and in less than no time the order had been placed. We didn't even discuss the weather. So if you want any Double Glazing, give me a call and I will put you in touch with someone who knows his job; in fact someone who will give you the answers to your questions. You see, I've found someone who knows, which is where I started off at.

Les Lawrence

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